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    Nagy may be hated right now

    No. I fully agree. I'm just playing devil's advocate
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    Nagy may be hated right now

    But he has yet to have a losing season...
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    At least our starters can beat backup scrubs

    Yep. Congrats to the Bears for beating the 2 freakin points. How sad.
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    Bears playoff run begins

    We all thought the same thing last year against the Rams and their high powered offense. Any given Sunday.
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    Can We Make .500 This Thursday?

    Yes, but see, in that scenerio, Philly would then win the division, not Dallas. It has us finishing with the same record as Dallas and since they are not the division winner, we would own the tie breaker on them with a win against them. That said, does anyone even really want us in the...
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    ***OFFICIAL*** NFL Week 12 IGT (@Grimson Be Slipping Edition)

    It'll be Ravens and 49rs in the SB. Week 13 will be fun as my projected SB will be played then as well.
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    Dear Sweet Mitchell had the BEST THURSDAY PRACTICE he has EVER HAD on a Thursday at Thursday Practice Yesterday

    Great practice huh? Yeah, we heard all that blah blah bullshit back before the season. Then they stepped into a real game and we all know how that's been going. You fooled me once Bears. Not again.
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    Look on the bright side

    Trubs is our best rusher. Put in Daniel as QB and toss Mitch in there as our new RB :)
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    Warden of the Northeast Discusses Matt Nagy

    We had it 38 mins last week and still lost.
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    Haha haha fudge!!

    That game surprised me. I did not see the Packers losing that game. Man, we had a great opportunity to gain ground with all other North teams losing and as usual, we fucked it up.
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    Jake Fromm just balled out there

    Then he's at the top of Pace's to draft list.
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    Is it bad that I don't even care

    I used to get so mad when the Bears would lose. It would take me a couple days to come out of it. Then I noticed I made a transition. Didn't even know when it happened or how. But I started to only be mad for like 10 mins after the game and then move on. I noticed another one today. The kick...
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    Scrubisky stinks! But...

    THe better teams we play this year will still own us. With the Packers and Vikings playing the way they are, we have no hope this season.
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    Game Stats

    The only numbers that matter are: Chargers - 17 Bears - 16
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    Will Nagy end the KC experiment this week?

    Run the freakin ball! I don't care if we're having issues doing so, we need to run the ball. You're gonna get through the line at some point. Can't just run once or twice, get stuffed and say "Well, that's not working. Let's pass the rest of the game." Fun fact. Bears number of rushes...
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    Rosen or Bust.

    Just bring in 9 QB's and let them fight it out. Hey, it worked for the kicker! Have the whole defense out there during practice. Offense too, except for the offensive line (except center to snap the ball). THe Dline counts to 3 and comes in. Whatever QB gets hit the least and makes the most...
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    Schefter indicates Brady setting up to leave Patriots

    Brady should just retire and come to Chicago as the new QB coach/OC
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    Schefter: Trubisky playing today

    For some reason, I have this same feeling. I think that with Long out, we are going to see better protection which will lead to a better Mitch
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    Nagy on Trubisky: "I never get into mechanics."

    Look, despite what people think, things are working. Not perfectly, but they're working and will improve. Since Nagy and Trubs have been paired together, how many times have the Bears been below .500? Twice. That's it. They lost both openers and never went below .500 after that. This team is...