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  1. Rory Sparrow

    Saints-Texans...the best of MNF!

    I still do the typical NFL stuff...I still pay for Sunday Ticket because I have money to burn (apparently)...I still play fantasy football although I don't know most of the players and I don't follow who switches teams...and I still will tune in to MNF (and sometimes even Thursday Night...
  2. Rory Sparrow

    Game-by-Game NFL thoughts: Week 1

    Eagles-Redskins I watched the majority of this game. Eagles looked like the Bears in the 1st half, but then Wentz came on strong in the 2nd half. One thing I like about Wentz is that he's usually throwing past the 1st down marker. He had some deep throws to Jackson, but even his shorter...
  3. Rory Sparrow

    Thoughts on Week 1 Packers-Bears (Amos Game)

    *Game MVP = Packers punter JK Scott (who looks like…JK Rohwling) *Big Play of the game = 3rd quarter, Bears down 7-3, 2nd and 5 from the GB 28…Allen Robinson gets behind everyone, Trubisky can either throw the ball in front of Robinson into the end zone for a TD, or he can throw the ball to the...
  4. Rory Sparrow

    Worst outcome of Packers-Bears game?

    Which would be your worst outcome of the Packers-Bears game?
  5. Rory Sparrow

    Still getting a weird vibe re: Nagy-Piniero Yet again, Nagy was proactively against sending Piniero out to attempt a preseason no less. Not sure what was supposed to happen at the end of the first half, but I'm pretty sure that Nagy did not...
  6. Rory Sparrow

    1992 Sugar Bowl - #3 Florida v. #18 Notre Dame

    Game featuring two future Bears starting QBs...Rick Mirer and Shane Matthews! Funny how Florida could win the SEC and be almost completely devoid of NFL level talent. Matthews and RB Errict Rhett on offense, Brad Culpepper at DT...thats about it. Notre Dame had much better players, TBH...
  7. Rory Sparrow

    Kirk Cousins dismisses Trubisky

  8. Rory Sparrow

    ***OFFICIAL*** CCS Forum Bets

    Would there be a way to compile all of the 'forum bets' between members and all of the predictive 'called its' for the upcoming Bears season and list them in a stickied post? I think that would be helpful as we track the progress of these things throughout the year. For instance, I know I have...
  9. Rory Sparrow

    Home Weary

    These guys are a pathetic bunch at Wrigley Field. Maybe Maddon needs to show some emotion & give them hell. No excuse for this poor of play. No emotion.
  10. Rory Sparrow

    OldManMike Weary

    Guy is pathetic. Can't makes posts on the road. You would think a poster could post anywhere. Somebody needs to put a foot in his ass to wake him up.
  11. Rory Sparrow

    Nvan + CCS FF League Shitposting

  12. Rory Sparrow

    Thoughts on Bears-Panthers preseason Game 1

    *First and foremost, did anyone get injured? Nope. Big success. *Although the starters didn’t play much at all, I still got the sense that this team is hitting on all cylinders, which is a tribute to the coaching staff. It just seems like a very businesslike group with everyone knowing their...
  13. Rory Sparrow

    Trubisky vs. section 143

    One is a Bear, the other is near the Bears tunnel. Who has had the better ROI?
  14. Rory Sparrow

    Cubs thoughts - 8/5

    *Castellanos has been a great addition, but can we reverse that Maldonado deal? To me, that was the biggest news of the weekend...Contreras out for at least 10 days, most likely more. I guess 'resting' him following off days didn't really do anything other than limit his PAs when healthy...
  15. Rory Sparrow

    Clint Hurdle/Pirates vs. Reds

    At what point does MLB suspend Clint Hurdle for being such a meathead and force the Pirates to shut down for the rest of the season for being disgraceful? Great breakdown:
  16. Rory Sparrow

    CCS Bears Forum: Stock up/Stock down

    Stock Up: Toast88 DrGonzo Stock Down: Starion BearFanJohn
  17. Rory Sparrow

    Buster Skrine is KILLING IT in training camp!

    Remember when all of you wankers thought he was a bad free agent signing, and I was the ONLY ONE who soapboxed for the guy? You guys had already written him off, and I was the lone voice of reason. Thank the Lord that Ryan Pace is the Bears GM, and not any of you idiots. It just proves how...