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    Jackson and the offense that they run are powerful enough to overcome the early mistake, but that was also one hell of a catch for Tennessee!
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    Oooh not a good early INT, but I got Baltimore running away with this one still
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    Kevin Toliver & Amukamara

    Yeah, I'm good with him starting out of the box. He showed up and played well with the big boys when his number got called. I have more confidence in Tolliver than I would in a rookie. Our defense might take a step back with departing players, but that can't be helped this time around. I'd...
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    Kevin Toliver & Amukamara

    Tolliver stepped in well while Prince was out, and that makes Amukamara an expensive luxury who isn't exactly a player on the rise. I think you see our defensive backfield get cheap FA additions, because this draft should focus on bolstering the offense. Well, unless we get a top notch lineman...
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    Eddie Jackson gets a new deal

    Our boy got paid to stay, way to get it done! Jackson is central to our defense's effectiveness, and is a joy to watch. I couldn't be happier that he is gonna be here long term
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    Is it now likely that Kwiatkoski will get the contract and Trevathan gets let go?

    Absolutely. Both Trevathan and Kwiatkoski are going to look for starting roles next year, and to be paid like it. So unless you are only offering a one year contract, it makes better money sense to spend on the younger player. At the same time, you have to consider roster spots in how you...
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    Is it now likely that Kwiatkoski will get the contract and Trevathan gets let go?

    Yeah, he really has shown to be a fine player, and isn't a weak link on the defense. He elevated his play this year and it makes trevathan expendable
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Packers (Let's Play Two Hundred Edition)

    What no, if the receiver gets his hand on it, it's on him to bring it in. He gets paid to catch and the ball was where he could catch it.
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Packers (Let's Play Two Hundred Edition)

    Man it's kind of like the refs wanted to spot GB a TD. "Hey, this really awesome turnover for Chicago? At the 50? Let's give GB the ball back and add in 15 yards so Rodgers feels better"
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    Who thinks we win on Sunday?

    I think we win by four
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    The 2020 Personnel Discussion: Defense

    I know I'm just being meatball, but I still think that Floyd would provide a lot of value at ILB next to Smith. I don't know how much Floyd will command on the market, because so much of what he does best doesn't exactly show up on his stat sheet. With that, yes, I agree that we should see a...
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    Leonard Floyd vs. the Packers

    Do you guys think that Floyd will collect the most flags for violating the Aaron Rodgers Rule (you know, that penalty for tackling fragile quarterbacks too hard)? I think he gets at least one, but with Hicks back he's going to have a lot of competition.
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    Leonard Floyd vs. the Packers

    Have you ever considered that, instead of debating autism on a football message board, that you could be blowing a goat with your sister? Or whatever else it is you guys do between Sundays.
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    Trubisky will throw 3+ TDs and run 50+ yards against the Cowboys

    I'm nominating him for calledit of the year
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    Ron Rivera Fired

    Yeah but it's not like staff are subject to a salary cap. Sure, it's unlikely that ownership will eat the contract, it's not like it's a detriment to team success to fire a coach too early. I'm neither for or against it right now, but it wouldn't be a longshot bet for him to get canned. It's...
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    Saints literally BULLY Tarik Cohen

    Ok players I let it slide but coaches gotta show class.
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    🚨🚨🚨OFFICIAL🚨🚨🚨 NFL WEEK 7 IGT 🌽🌽🌽

    I mean Carr you fucking idiot, but at the same time, the turnover+touchback rule is the most garbage penalty in the game. All other fumbles that go forward and out of bounds are returned to the spot if the fumble. This stupid little carve out is just unneeded and arbitrary.
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    Will the Bears vs Raiders Game feel like a Bears home game for the Bears when the Bears play Raiders in London?

    Don' toldja, HeHateMe. Though I wouldn't say every time. England could have had the most brass-balls viking pirate king (Harald Hardrada wasn't a full time pirate, nor a full time king, but dabbled in both while also being a mercenary to other kings) for their own. Instead, they end up with a...