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  1. ChicagoBearsSinceBirth

    Lamar Jackson's precision passing

    And they make fun of Mitch lmao
  2. ChicagoBearsSinceBirth

    Richard Sherman calls out Packers

  3. ChicagoBearsSinceBirth

    Chris simms

  4. ChicagoBearsSinceBirth

    Dave Gettleman

  5. ChicagoBearsSinceBirth

    Packers Bulletin Board Material

    Lets see if he is right and we will come back to this... lol
  6. ChicagoBearsSinceBirth

    Comp Picks

    Damn Ne gets alot
  7. ChicagoBearsSinceBirth

    Eric ebron TE backs mitch? Could be hyperbull but what you guys think of him coming to Bears
  8. ChicagoBearsSinceBirth


    I get not liking the guy not being able to play the position the bears drafted him to play if thats what happens but to hate him? like what is up with that??
  9. ChicagoBearsSinceBirth

    Bills vs Pats

    what a game
  10. ChicagoBearsSinceBirth

    Brees vs Trubisky hmmmm

    probably not but we can dream
  11. ChicagoBearsSinceBirth

    This Joe Burrow guy

    is he going to be great?
  12. ChicagoBearsSinceBirth