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    Bears hire Clancy Barone as TEs coach

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    Bears drafting position

    Bears are picking #43 and #50 in the 2nd rd. A total of 8 draft picks (includes 4th rd comp pick)
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    Fire Ryan Pace

    This team is a complete mess and it is 100% on him. He is responsible for this team. What is this like 8 or 9 games without an offensive touchdown in the first half? That has to be an NFL record.
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    Tommie Harris - Grand Canyon

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    2020 Bears 2nd rd picks

    The Raiders are 5-4 and should be 7-4 after the next two weeks. As of right now, the Raiders own a top 10 pick from the Bears. The Bears currently will be drafting below. #42 - Bears pick #50 - from Raiders - looks like it is going to be even lower than that
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    Pineiro takes a shot at coaching staff

    He didn't mean to but he did. This is beyond bad. 1189210298923782145
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    Bears organization and Trubisky

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    Fire Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy

    One of the worst seasons ever. This team is a mess.
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    Trade News

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    Mitch Trubisky return timeline

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    The concussion by Gabriel was a good thing.

    Not for Gabriel but it allowed Wims and Miller to get more involved in the offense . We should start seeing more of Wims moving forward after that performance (was outstanding).
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    Roquan Smith doubtful

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    Bears waive Sowell, add Abdullah Anderson to the 53

    I mentioned earlier in this week this probably would happen. 1176224950975442944
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    Pineiro has a knee injury - questionable for Monday night

    Per Nagy 1175478717700870144
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    Trade News - NFL

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    Bears add Abdullah Anderson back to prac squad/release Vaughters

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    Trade news before season

    He also mentioned to keep an eye on Tyreek Hill 1165057187829256192 1165032048236449793
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    Kevin White released by Cards

    This will cost the Bears a comp pick unless he makes it on with another team.
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    Bears sign RB Josh Caldwell

    Chiefs released him last week. Rookie RB from Northwest Missouri State. 1163548534404198401 1163549638588346371
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    Elliott Fry has been waived