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  1. mecha

    Chargers moving on from Phillip Rivers

    Junior Seau RIP I think 16 seasons is a fulfilling career. it's too bad they got knocked off by the Patriots twice in the playoffs when they had a chance at going all the way. he probably retires, but who knows.
  2. mecha

    NEW RULEZ for NFL being EXPERIMENTED WITH at the PRoBowl

    possibly the worst thing since Greedo shooting first. do they have some kind of annual mandate to just change shit? was it always like this?
  3. mecha

    Do bears fans need to get over mahomes and watson?

    how many fucking times does this team need new blood. it literally is the NFC Browns. luck with injuries aside, how was the team pretty overall good across the board in 2018 and worthless in 2019? was still better than the Fox era. shit, you could almost* add 2 Fox seasons up to get 8-8! *almost
  4. mecha

    Long Term Solution at QB-Thread

    observations: -CCS called into question whether Flacco was a "franchise quarterback" or not (he won a Super Bowl and played for the same team for 11 years in the free agency era) -- the same applied to Jay Cutler, the only uncontested quarterback for the Bears since McMahon, so who knows...
  5. mecha

    Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl?

    I will celebrate the team that slayed the Packers. finally an NFC team I don't utterly despise, I can like them again.
  6. mecha

    Long Term Solution at QB-Thread

    Trent Dilfer has a Super Bowl ring. Trent Dilfer. the only quarterback in the Super Bowl era to get cut after "winning" a Super Bowl. elite QB + shit team or passable QB + complete team. it's been mentioned in this very thread that Eli Manning was overrated. the Chicago Bears haven't had a...
  7. mecha

    Packers And Rodgers Should Scare the NFC North

    1) fuck the Eagles 2) fuck the Packers 3) so the Packers went 13-3, I'm sure I mentioned a few times throughout the season they were an overrated team. the proof is in the pudding, they didn't really beat anyone. see also: people still crying Lovie Smith got fired after a 10-6 campaign where the...
  8. mecha

    Do bears fans need to get over mahomes and watson?

    Packers will do it again. you'll all see.
  9. mecha

    ***Official*** Conference Championship Thread.

    correct. what a cunt team.
  10. mecha

    Soon to be free agent Tom Brady

    I don't know why the man wouldn't just retire. spend your entire career with 1 team. had he not gotten kneecapped by the Chiefs in 2008 he would've broken Favre's start streak!
  11. mecha

    The Niners, building a team through the draft

    might wind up being like the Seahawks/Broncos matchup if the 49ers play as hard of defense. I thought it was cute on the Chiefs had their own players talking up how they're the best defense in the league. (did I really see that?) the Packers were an overrated team this year but they...
  12. mecha

    ***Official*** Conference Championship Thread.

    the Bears offensive line is deficient and they have no tightends to speak of. there's a reason they were one of the lowest ranked offenses. the guy they drafted to replace Howard should have been better in every facet. didn't translate to such in the stats, kids. I don't think the power run...
  13. mecha

    Lynch built a SB team in 3 years

    I can't rationalize the complete ineptitude of the Bears franchise. statistically they should have completely fucked up into success by now.
  14. mecha

    ***OFFICIAL*** Patrick Mahomes SUPERBOWL BOUND Thread

    I agree Trubisky might be more successful with the Chiefs offense, just because they have way better pieces or the mere existence of pieces. I also agree Mahomes wouldn't be the same guy without Andy Reid+Fox offense+Nagy wtf offense. Trubisky is the weakest of the trio. the moral of the story...
  15. mecha

    Packers and the refs

    I just want the Packers dead today. I don't think I'm asking too much.
  16. mecha

    For Fun: What If _______________ Played QB For The Bears?

    I get that Benson was an exceptional talent at Texas, but when your first round quarterback can't see the field due to injuries and you already have Jones and Peterson, and you have the #4 overall pick.. I don't know man, I'm not seeing the logic there. and it has nothing to do with Rodgers...
  17. mecha

    Do you miss Jay Cutler?

    gonna be a lot of #triggered motherfuckers mirite this fanbase would run Peyton Manning out of town. change my mind.
  18. mecha

    Do you miss Jay Cutler?

    wasn't much of a problem during the Trestman years though. that offense moved, the defense was atrocious. Martz system they were decent too, but that was with the smurf receivers that got raped by DBs. Gase year was all false starts and gimmick plays that went nowhere, Cutler converted a lot of...