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  1. Alterego

    Decades of Failure on Offense

    Chicago is where receivers go to die?
  2. Alterego

    Lamar Jackson overrated?

    Thank god for special teams stepping up
  3. Alterego

    Several Bears Say Locker Room Would’ve Imploded Without Matt Nagy

    what about if you read posts you don't like?
  4. Alterego

    What is your favorite thing about watching the Bears right now?

    Roughing the kicker was fun to watch
  5. Alterego

    Bigger disappointment this year: Bears or Cowboys?

    Did your wife hack your account?
  6. Alterego

    Who is Ryan Pace's best first round pick?

    Nothing in 2020
  7. Alterego

    Bears could have went 7-9 with Chase

    So we suck again?
  8. Alterego

    LMAO Mitch Trubisky 🤣 🤣 🤣

    We should’ve drafted Thomas.......damnit
  9. Alterego

    Playing the Packers

    Damn I meant pass against the dime but they should have run it more. Down by that much they chose to pass 53? times. Bad choice
  10. Alterego

    Playing the Packers

    It’s hard to run against a dime when you’re down but they didn’t even try. The pass/run difference was atrocious
  11. Alterego

    Charles Leno

    Draft Trey Smith please
  12. Alterego

    Imagine hatin on Allen Robinson last year despite coming back from a serious knee injury

    That would be a hell of a move for an NFL player to take out an NBA player
  13. Alterego

    Trubisky will throw 3+ TDs and run 50+ yards against the Cowboys

    trubisky is fun to watch tonight.
  14. Alterego

    Schefter: Trubisky playing today

    if you play enough of these games you can claim a #calledit ....... kind of like mock offseasons
  15. Alterego

    Run Blocking Clinic

    worst year i can find is 2015 with the Falcons where the O averaged 3.8 ypc avg as a team but still have 4.11 ypc avg with Freeman and Coleman
  16. Alterego

    The last time the Bears played London

    That hole for his first TD was gaping.
  17. Alterego

    Packer Fans be like...

    FIFY because you're not Gene Simmons