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  1. mecha

    CCS says it's time to move on from Trubisky

    I don't know, it's worked before.
  2. mecha

    where to find postgames

    since is fucking cancer now with its new interface, I can't find any of the postgame interviews. where do you find them now?
  3. mecha

    Jeffery staying??? what the fuck is this.
  4. mecha

    Packer fans

    I think I hate the Packer fanbase more than the team itself. they're so fucking smug with this "ohhhh what a game" shit. you nearly lost to the 2016 Bears. I wouldn't be proud of that. or the way how they deny their team is gift wrapped officiating crews in the teams back pockets every fucking...
  5. mecha

    Browns waive Manziel couldn't have happened to a more deserving piece of garbage.
  6. mecha

    Trevathan: Broncos D is better than '85 Bears

    shots fired.
  7. mecha

    OT: Los Angeles

    apparently I haven't followed this dumbass story, but the NFL is seriously considering moving one of three teams to Los Angeles, a city that historically doesn't really care about football. if they actually go through with this then they're just as gay as Major League Baseball. I wouldn't put...
  8. mecha

    happy birthday Matt Forte (30) it's official. he's going to dissolve into a pile of dust upon his next carry.
  9. mecha

    Eli Manning is... Penguin Boy I'm not entirely sure why this was newsworthy of being a trending topic on facebook but fuck it. Penguin Boy lives.
  10. mecha

    Bears/Cardinals 2006

    so, after seeing the related shit to that "yfw" video, I found this. to follow up on the Super Bowl 41 discussion in another thread, Grossman was so laughably bad in this game. with exception to that 49ers game in 2009, I don't ever recall Cutler...
  11. mecha

    refs screw Ravens this is unbelievable.
  12. mecha

    Adrian Amos Ranked Among Best in NFL

    I didn't see this posted. discuss.
  13. mecha

    emotional attachment to players

    I don't make many threads, but I figured this topic deserved its own in light of all the people that are clamoring for the team to give Forte a new deal. I think it was Omeletpants who said it, all opinions of him aside, to not get attached to players. and I know there's a large number of...
  14. mecha

    Rams' owner to build stadium in Los Angeles? I think it's hilarious that people comment that franchises failed in LA in the past. because the Raiders and Rams moved...
  15. mecha

    such a sad state of affairs

    I spend 8 months of every year waiting for football. you and I all know how painful the offseason is, especially here. the offseason's kind of cool in that new people get drafted, there's all the hope and shit, I guess that's ok, but it's not the same. I know there's like this dichotomy at the...
  16. mecha

    OT: while we're talking about refs screwing teams...

    the irony.. like, it's totally blatant too. amazing how different the game was when if already ruled down it's not a fumble.
  17. mecha

    Sounds of the Game: Patrick Mannelly funny at the end when #65 of the Browns comes up to him and is like "I GREW UP WATCHING YOU, BRO!" I hope Mannelly stays another 20 years.
  18. mecha

    Jon Gruden on McCown

    Jon Gruden (about Josh McCown): "he might be the first 2 time Gruden's Grinder winner." Mike Tirico: "no no no you can't do that!” Gruden: "I can do whatever I want on a cold night in Chicago." I thought this was awesome. one thing I found not-awesome, Gruden's inconsistency in calling Alshon...