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  1. Alterego

    Thoughts from going to last night's game

    Some Skins fans are obnoxious (at least those sitting around me). Most were pretty cool but I'm still pissed at the ignorant ones. - saw a Skins fan in front of me take out an elderly woman to grab a t-shirt being thrown from the field. didn't apologize or help her up. - older...
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    He is a Bear now EDIT: nvm, already posted
  3. Alterego

    Ditka launches an air biscuit on MNF

    Did anyone else see this last night? No, this is not fake, I actually heard it while watching MNF. Congrats Ditka for being yourself.
  4. Alterego

    season thus far as told by reaction gifs

    not sure who normally starts these but i always enjoy them. here's my take: Week 1: Chi 23 - GB 31 Week 2: Chi 23 - AZ 48 Week 3: Chi 0 - Sea 26 Week 4: Chi 22 - Oak 20 Week 5: Chi 18 - KC 17 Week 6: Chi 34 - Det 37
  5. Alterego rookie predictions

    fwiw since there's nothing else happing during the lull Kevin White, WR, Chicago Bears No. 7 overall pick, Round 1, West Virginia Best-case scenario: Despite trading...
  6. Alterego

    CB or OL

    so far Pace has addressed some areas of need in FA but they haven't improved in OL or CB, Vlad the Impaler is just a band aid and I'm not sure about Ball. That being said, do you think that Pace will take stock in those roles early in the draft and who do you think he'll snag? Unless we're...
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    Bears should draft Mariota?

    anyone have access to the article on ESPN Insider?
  8. Alterego

    OT: Calvin Pryor out with head injury

    sucks that this happened, I suppose his tackling style needs to change IMO before some attack me for the OT post.....this guy was a player many wanted us to draft so it's somewhat related CORTLAND, NY -- Rookie safety Calvin Pryor left Saturday’s practice with a head injury. “It was a head...
  9. Alterego

    cheering for the Pack?

    I hate to say it but I almost want the Pack to win. Last thing we need is the Pack to have a shitty rest of the season and for them to draft high. I would love to see them miss on players around the #20 pick for a decade....
  10. Alterego

    OT: what's up with RGIII?

    I know the man is highly talented but he's taken a complete nose dive the past few weeks. If you pay attention to the game against SF, his teammates never helped him up once, he's blaming the coaching staff for the play calling, mentions that Philly knew all the plays, asked the staff to not...
  11. Alterego

    contender or pretender?

    Holy shit, on NFLN they had a segment called contender or pretender regarding the post season. They had the Cowboys, Cardinals, Packers, Lions and the Bears as their options. DAL, ARZ and CHI all had contender's for them with GB and DET being the pretender's. Crazy that we got that nod from...
  12. Alterego

    injuries: lemons into lemonade

    I know it sucks that we have so many injuries, especially the PBers (Briggs, Melton, Tillman, Cutty, ect...) but I would like to look at the future without these. We won't be able to resign all these guys and will probably drop a few (Peppers) so I like to look at what we're working with for...
  13. Alterego

    ESPN play by play on CHI vs BAL

    I understand that I'm not familiar with all football terminology but this has to be a fucking typo: 1st and 10 at CHI 35 (Shotgun) J.McCown Aborted. R.Garza FUMBLES at CHI 31, recovered by CHI-J.McCown at CHI 31. J.McCown to CHI 35 for 4 yards (M.Elam; D.Smith).
  14. Alterego

    OT: Which Manning breaks the record?

    P Manning in TDs, E Manning in INTs, both or neither? Just curious what everyone is thinking, I personally say both
  15. Alterego

    OT - NFL training camp injuries

    crossing fingers that no CHI players get any CHI - T McBride out for season (achilles) Bushrod - wearing a boot (left callf) :pray: PHI - Maclin out for season (ACL) Jason Phillips is out for season (ACL) BAL - Pitta out for season (dislocated hip) CLE - R Miller out of hospital...
  16. Alterego

    OT - Chip Kelley = Pete Carroll

    crazy that both left a successful program immediately before the NCAA threw the hammer down on them Coach Chip Kelly's current team, the Philadelphia Eagles, will continue to take shape...
  17. Alterego

    Rory Sparrow - Ohhhh Noooooooooo

    Anyway, I see that he was smacked with the ban hammer. I'm not about to search through all the threads to find out what his coup d'état was so can someone enlighten me. I'm not into drama, just up late at night and bored since I've already posted on most threads.
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    OT - love me some cheerleaders

    to all my female HS friends who said cheerleading is a sport too Taylor Swift's "22" covered by Dolphins, Saints cheerleaders By Alex Gelhar Published: June 18, 2013 at...
  19. Alterego

    OT- R Matthews twitter...WTF???? Ryan Mathews has been a source of frustration for San Diego Chargers fans from the beginning of his underwhelming NFL career, but some have taken it too far. Especially on Twitter...
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    Bushrod developing skillset Dan Pompei: Left tackle Bushrod working to develop Pro Bowl skill set to fullest By DAN POMPEI — Chicago Tribune CHICAGO — In spring 2007, Jermon Bushrod was the 19th offensive lineman chosen in the NFL...