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    Russia or Ukraine?

    Who hacked CCS?
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    Mitch at the podium

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    Bears actually rise in power ranking after 2019 draft.

    More status quo but really, not dropping with no early picks is a positive. Different topic though draft related. Montgomery is the 2nd highest rated rookie in fantasy.
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    2019 Wonderlic scores

    per Bob McGinn Defensive Line 39 Chase Allen 36 Zach Allen 31 Khalen Saunders 31 Jerry Tillery 31 John Cominsky 23 Trysten Hill 23 Joey Bosa 20 Ed Oliver 20 Dre'Mont Jones 19 Christian Wilkins 18 Jaylon Ferguson 17 Dexter Lawrence 14 Jeffery Simmons 13 Olive Sagapolu 11 Quinnen Williams 11...
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    Will the government Shutdown affect the Super Bowl

    Not much in the way of organised strike talk yet but consider the effects of a TSA or other walkout/sick day(s). I doubt on site security will be compromised but if the government is still closed at the start of feb, any walkout related to travel or security would certainly be making a point.
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    Great perspective on the bear and our QB.

    How Mitchell Trubisky Explains the NFL in 2018 Chicago’s second-year QB is equal parts maddening and exciting. He’s also the key to a Bears strategy that exemplifies all we’ve learned about team-building this season. By Robert Mays Dec 20, 2018, 8:22am EST The 2018 NFL season has largely...
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    And the hits just keep on coming. Winston Moss ‏ @Insanecane99 Follow Follow @Insanecane99 More Ponder this... what Championship teams have are great leadership! Period! It’s not the offensive...
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    Bears vs Rams. What's your greatest concern?

    Witzmann vs Donald! Their D line is strongest where we aint. There won't be much pocket this week. Imagine Daniel having to start again.
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    New kicker

    There must be somebody on a practice squad or bagging groceries that's better than our POS.
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    Ray Carruth released from prison. POS
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    Nevada’s recreational marijuana supply is drying up. When will revenue hungry IL finally get on board?
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    Congrats to sole division leading Bears.

    Bitch and moan as much as you want about how, ya I know, Mitch and Nagy weren't great today. Enjoy the win and being above 500. Go Bear!:beer: Freaking weird weekend.
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    Did Buffalo need to trade up to 7 and give that much to get their guy or could they have given us less for the same result? Teams trade up like that all the time for a targeted player because they haven't a clue if other teams are bidding and they want him that badly. By the Pace standard all...
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    Random rookie thoughts.

    I'd like to congratulate Jackson for being more aggressive than expected. He stuck came up and stuck his hat in there bette than film would have you believe and his coverages were just as good. Our safeties turned from a weakness into a strength in one year with his play and (rookie!) calls in...
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    Bears vs Vikings.

    What do you expect? I expect a loss with Mitch trying hard but not looking great to the average fan with only one starting OLman in position. What I like is that the Vikes have a possible bye and home field advantage to play for so the game will be real for them. On O, while I don't expect...
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    Hoge: The Case For Ryan Pace Fits my sensibilities. Valid link, promise and... Merry Christmas!
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    Long should get the knife.

    Look, he hasn't been good this year when he was as healthy as he could be. He can't play with the finger and won't be able to do so at any sort of effectiveness for a while. Time to deactivate him, fix the shoulder and get him 100% before the start of camp. This year is over. I get so tired of...
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    Biscuit vs Ravens.

    My bro sent me this so I thought I'd pass it on. The Raven's have a very complex and difficult to read defense. Bruschi said a new QB will never have a harder test and he played under their D coordinator. This and last week's D is part of why the staff wanted to wait a bit longer for Mitch...
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    We need Bowman

    To put an arrow through Fox's future here.