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  1. FrankieLyrical

    No one find's it funny that...

    A coach has no issue letting a rookie 6th round pick be aggressive and go vertical meanwhile we have a 3rd year, first round QB and a supposed offensive genius that's being super conservative?
  2. FrankieLyrical

    Jordan Howard Trade Prediction Thread

    Where do you think he will go and what will the Bears get in return?
  3. FrankieLyrical

    Who's the best player in the East now?

    With LeBron in the west, who is the best player in the East? To further things, what is your top 5 players in the East?
  4. FrankieLyrical

    Projected Cubs Line-ups

    What are they? Is Schwarbs gonna be our lead off guy?
  5. FrankieLyrical

    I got to spend the day with Charlie Tilson today!

    I work for an organization called Urban Initiatives and he's volunteering for us while he's rehabbing. Really cool guy. I hope he pans out for you guys!
  6. FrankieLyrical

    Are you guys more worried about....

    The bats going cold in October or the pitching getting lit up? Ever since I was a kid (I'm only 24, so 03, 07, 08, and last year are my Cubs postseason experiences) it seemed like our bats just go cold. I have PTSD from cold post-season bats. What are you guys worried about come next month?
  7. FrankieLyrical

    I'm most pleased that we won't need to be as dependent on the long ball!

    Obviously, we have A LOT of players that can hit the ball a far way. But with Jay Hey, Zobrist, and Fowler all being on base machines, we're going to be able to manufacture a ton of runs... And still hit a fuck ton of homers!! GO CUBS GO!! :buttrock:
  8. FrankieLyrical

    Shark to San Fran
  9. FrankieLyrical

    MLBTR: Cubs Top 50 FA Signing Predictions

    I don't want Span. What do you guys think of this?
  10. FrankieLyrical

    If we're going to lose our way to a high draft pick....

    .. This is the way I'd want to lose. Sure, we're 2-5 now, but we are watchable at the very least this year. There's at least some entertainment value. I'm not turning the game off by the middle of the third quarter like I was last year. This isn't me saying anything about moral victories or...
  11. FrankieLyrical

    Anyone listening to ESPN 1000 right now?

    They are all willing to trade Schwarber, Rizzo, or Bryant. :thinking: WTF is wrong with people?
  12. FrankieLyrical

    I'm just gonna keep watching this on replay :( :(
  13. FrankieLyrical

    It just dawned on me...

    That Noah Syndergaard was the guy most people called "average" at the deadline and said we shouldn't trade for him. I think he proved that whole theory wrong.
  14. FrankieLyrical

    With Pitt only 2.5 games out...

    Who would you guys rather play in the 1 game playoff? Assuming we don't mess around and take the NL Central (which is a long shot)? STL or PITT?
  15. FrankieLyrical

    IST: Cubs vs Tigers

    C'mon fuckers, get your shit together! This thread should've already been made :cubstroll2: Let's go Cubbies! :buttrock:
  16. FrankieLyrical

    Top 10 FA's according to MLBTR. Which one would you want on the Cubs?

    If you had to pick one, who would it be and why? 1. David Price 2. Jason Heyward 3. Justin Upton 4. Johnny Cueto 5. Zach Grienke 6. Yoenis Cespedes 7. Alex Gordon 8. Jordan Zimmerman 9. Chris Davis 10. Mike Leake
  17. FrankieLyrical

    IST: Cubs vs Rockies

    Can we get a damn win this series?
  18. FrankieLyrical

    Bulls expected to hire Hoiberg

  19. FrankieLyrical

    Article: "Derrick Rose/Jimmy Butler Tension Marred Game 6" Whoah....