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  1. BearDen

    Thread of List......MELTDOWNS

    Fav all-time meltdowns? I'll start. 1. The Hawk - so many to choose from 2. Biggie - best e-suicide in CCS history 3. Nick80 - need I say more? 4. Warden - the wheels are in motion 5. msadows - the bearmick obsession of 2018 Feel free to add your own!
  2. BearDen

    Bench Mack?

    Dude has been useless 2 weeks in a row. Clearly he's injured, let him get healthy.
  3. BearDen

    Elite team minus QB

    We can beat anyone with our D, what do we do in the next 2 years with no 1st round picks? gotta get a QB at some point so we don't waste this elite defense.
  4. BearDen

    Return of Rose?

    Rumor has it the Bulls are considering bringing him back, not sure how I feel about that.
  5. BearDen

    No Jimmy Mock Draft Contest

    I think there should be a contest for these types of mocks, so here ya go.
  6. BearDen

    Anyone here use reddit?

    I was thinking of signing up over there, but I wanted to get opinions on the site.
  7. BearDen

    Markeef Welson practiced today

    Will he be dominate or nah?
  8. BearDen


    Saw this on 1. WR Alshon Jeffery vs. CB Jalen Ramsey -- Ramsey is quietly developing into an ELITE NFL corner at a rapid rate. He's not an "all over the field" type of CB because of the Jaguar's scheme, but he will be key to stopping one of the NFL's most dangerous big-bodied WR in...
  9. BearDen

    Bulls sign Rajon Rondo for 2 years, $28 million

    Rajon Rondo to the Bulls? Notice the bulls logo on the i-pad
  10. BearDen

    Ka'Deem Carey is still on the team

    Just a reminder.
  11. BearDen

    Jay Cutler is still on the team

    Just a reminder.
  12. BearDen

    Has Jay gotten better?

    I figured I'd ask since no one seems to be talking about this.
  13. BearDen

    Bostic and Greene

    Met both of them at my work tonight, and let met just say, Bostic is fucking scary. Dude looks like the terminator IRL. Gotta say, don't get your hopes up on Greene, even though he's much bigger, it's mostly fat. Watch out for Bostic though.
  14. BearDen

    Hey, new guy here, kind of

    Name's Dennis. Been watching the Bears since early 2000's and a long time lurker of CCS and CBMB. Thought it about time I finally registered.