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  1. Kazu2324

    How Important is the Kicker Competition?

    Saw an interesting twitter thread making a point that the current circus behind finding a kicker might be a lot more insignificant than it's playing out to be. What are you guys' thoughts to the current competition for the kicker position? Is it as important as it's being made out to be or is it...
  2. Kazu2324

    Great thread on Trubisky's Big Weakness and his Best Strength

    There was a twitter thread of someone breaking down Trubisky's biggest problem he needs to work on for the season and his biggest assets. Warning: it is pretty long and since it's on twitter, it's a bit weird to try and post all of it, so if you want to actually see everything click link...
  3. Kazu2324

    OLine's Been Kicking Ass

    1064972015591936000 Against the Vikings' DLine, the Bears OLine played amazing. Big ups to Massie who pretty much shut out Hunter all night. Now if they could only run block and get more than 1 yard of push on running plays, that would be fantastic.
  4. Kazu2324

    Kerryon Johnson with Sprained Knee

    Lions just lost probably their best offensive player. No surgery but will be out a few games. 1064587841450270720
  5. Kazu2324

    Fangio Only Blitzes an Incredible 5.0 Times Per Game

    Rest of the article Already knew that the Bears D uses the least amount of blitzes but I didn't realize it was only 5 times a game. Insanely low compared to the rest of the league but still leading the league in sack %. Can't wait to see what they do to the Dolphins' O.
  6. Kazu2324

    Khalil Mack’s dominance, explained in 5 plays

    SBNation tried to quantify the actual impact of Mack on the Bears using their EPA metric. Pretty interesting stuff, though not like super in-depth. I like their comparison with the Raiders' D after showing Mack's impact. Rest of the article Here's the Raiders' bit since it made me happy to read
  7. Kazu2324

    How Was This Not Holding???? So 8:04 - how is this not a holding call? This might be one of the worst missed calls. Their RT tackle literally tackles Khalil Mack! Also remember the announcers being idiots and not freaking out about how that was a missed call. They actually said...
  8. Kazu2324

    Bears with Most Sacks but 2nd Lowest Blitzing %

    1042926441283891200 Great to see that the Bears can get to the QB without sending extra rushers.
  9. Kazu2324

    Signs of Growth for Trubisky?

    Eyeing the signs of Bears QB Mitch Trubisky’s growth in a ‘microwave society’ ByAdam L. Jahns @adamjahns | email [FONT=inherit] Still think there's lots that Trubisky needs to improve on. I dunno how much this really means in the grand scheme of things if he still can't make the throws he...
  10. Kazu2324

    Urlacher's HOF Ceremony

    Since ESPN is a giant piece of trash that didn't even bother showing the Urlacher ceremony, here's some twitter clips of the event. Feel free to add to it if you guys have other clips! 1041869511958376453 1041921614248665088 1041936404891271168 1041934141409951744 1041930827356139520...
  11. Kazu2324

    Adam Hoge's 10 Bears Things - Week 1

    Hoge’s 10 Bears Things: Let The Nagy-Trubisky Era Begin LAKE FOREST, Ill. — Mitch Trubisky was all of us Saturday morning. Whether you’re a player, coach, reporter or fan, you likely woke up Saturday morning with the same confusion. Wait, what is this about the Bears and Khalil Mack? “I...
  12. Kazu2324

    Bears' Safeties Amos and Jackson Excited For Second Season Together Hoping to see continued improvement from Amos and a few more turnovers. Looking forward to Jackson being that ball hawk safety!
  13. Kazu2324

    Johnny Knox Update

    Recently uploaded video from the Bears with Spice Adams and Johnny Knox out for Goodwill. It's absolutely awesome to see Knox walking normally and he looks a lot better. Just thought it was interesting and that maybe some people have been curious of his recovery so far...
  14. Kazu2324

    Full Game of Broncos vs. Bears on YT

    For anyone that didn't get a chance to watch the game last night, the entire game is uploaded on youtube here.
  15. Kazu2324

    Anthony Miller's Blog - If Anyone is Interested

    Anthony Miller has a blog, dunno if it was ever mentioned here but if anyone is interested, check it out. It's not necessarily super in-depth TC nor does it have a lot of analysis, but it's interesting to see where Miller thinks he's at, what he's working on, etc. He's had a few posts since the...
  16. Kazu2324

    Jordan Howard Catching 200-300 Extra Balls Every Practice Hopefully this will pay off but good to hear how much work he is putting in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Kazu2324

    Coaches' Views on Promising Defensive Players

    Positional coaches on D talking about players to keep an eye on or have high expectations of during the season. Link:
  18. Kazu2324

    Matt Forte Looks Back on 10 Years in the NFL

    Pretty cool interview posted today on SI with Matt Forte as he looks back on his 10 year career. Some interesting insights and he talked about: how he views the evolution of RBs to being multi-dimensional what he liked about the Lovie years how he feels about the current situation with the...
  19. Kazu2324

    Spice is at it again haha Love Spice Adams. Always the character and entertainer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Kazu2324

    Great Article on What to Look for in a HC

    Found an absolutely fantastic article on what we should be looking for in a HC and a lot of great research into what has been said by some of the greatest coaches ever. Very worth the read and highly recommended, though it is a long read. Also, this was written for the Lions' HC search but...