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  1. Kazu2324

    Possible OLB?

    Fuck, with smartphones, you don't even need the watch. He could literally just ask his phone through Siri or Google or whatever and ask them to set alarms for every 5 minutes in the hour leading up to a meeting if you have to. I seriously don't get how, when this is your dream job, and you have...
  2. Kazu2324

    Bears toughest Road to the Super Bowl according to this article

    SoS is a terrible metric to determine future success. Bears had the 8th hardest SoS coming into last season, ended up with one of the easiest. It's never had any real correlation with success in a season.
  3. Kazu2324

    Bears have a backup QB problem...

    I do agree the Bears could use better back up QBs, but I feel like that could be said about almost every team in the NFL at this point. I also think that given the state of the team when Emery left and limited draft picks in multiple years, there haven't been a lot of opportunities to draft a...
  4. Kazu2324

    How would you compare Trubisky last year to Cutler?

    The Seahawks playoff win where he threw 2 TDs and ran for another 2 was up there, but that's about it. Most of his most memorable games are when he told Martz to go fuck himself, 9 sacks vs. the Giants and then concussion, 4 INTs vs. Hall, etc. I will say though that maybe the 2011 season when...
  5. Kazu2324

    Do The Bears Have the Best Front Seven In Football?

    Biggest question is, who else would you put as number 1? MIN has a good front 4, but I don't really care much for their LBs. Rams have Donald, but the rest of them are not better than the Bears (Fowler is okay, but he's no better than Floyd; Brockers is solid but Hicks is better...
  6. Kazu2324

    OT: Glennon on Hard Knocks

    I really only feel this way whenever I see either Trestman or Tucker's face, mostly Tucker though. That was the worst D I've ever had the misfortune to witness and we had to watch that shit for 2 straight seasons.
  7. Kazu2324

    How Important is the Kicker Competition?

    Lmao, I definitely can't argue that at all. Will work on it!
  8. Kazu2324

    How Important is the Kicker Competition?

    Saw an interesting twitter thread making a point that the current circus behind finding a kicker might be a lot more insignificant than it's playing out to be. What are you guys' thoughts to the current competition for the kicker position? Is it as important as it's being made out to be or is it...
  9. Kazu2324

    Texan's Rook CB LONNIE JOHNSON trollin TF outta the Packers at joint practice scrimmage

    Also, they're the team that made the Bear Hug move their bread and butter. Their OLine gets away with that technique more than any other team so it's comical they'd ever be against it when, in situations where they get called out for it during a game, Packers fans will argue til their dying...
  10. Kazu2324

    Texan's Rook CB LONNIE JOHNSON trollin TF outta the Packers at joint practice scrimmage

    Texans with one of the worst OLines in the league vs. Fackrell, one of GB's best rushers... looks like things will work out great for the Packers this season.
  11. Kazu2324

    Training Camp - 8/6

    Thanks as always @bears26 for our daily TC updates. Much appreciated my man!
  12. Kazu2324

    Bears’ Kyle Long willing to pay the price for success (for Novak)

    Fair enough, I'm not saying he will be healthy. I'm just saying that if he is, the group has the potential to be one of the best. I'm about 50/50 on him being able to play like 12 games this season, so I'm not saying he will be healthy. But I wish him the best and hope he will be because it'd be...
  13. Kazu2324

    Bears’ Kyle Long willing to pay the price for success (for Novak)

    I think that Long is a top 10-15 guard when healthy. Whitehair is probably in the top 20-25 range. Daniels has the potential to be a top 15-20 C when he was drafted (or at least that's what a lot of draft "experts" were saying). If they all end up around those ranges, I would argue that there...
  14. Kazu2324

    Bears’ Kyle Long willing to pay the price for success (for Novak)

    Honestly, I've felt terrible for him the last few years cuz you know he wants nothing more than to be on the field and help the Bears win. He's been a huge presence regardless of the injuries, always seeing him cheering on the sidelines or helping the younger guys out. I hope he can have a...
  15. Kazu2324

    OT: Matt LaFleur suffers torn Achilles

    The All-IR team this season finally has a coach!
  16. Kazu2324

    Things you are "worried" about in the upcoming season

    1. Trubisky's development - The team's long-term success hinges on his development. If Trubisky can be what the team envisions, then regardless of the other set backs, there's always a chance to be successful. If he regresses or doesn't come close to expectations, then the team's only good for...
  17. Kazu2324

    Bears OTAs and other news

    2 big surprises. That Trubisky had that many long throws, and that Mahomes only had 3 all season.
  18. Kazu2324

    LaCanfora: Vikings to win NFC North

    RIP Vikings. Gonna finish dead last in the division since LaCanfora thinks they'll win. It's almost guaranteed whatever the idiot thinks, the opposite will happen.
  19. Kazu2324

    What rule changes would you like to see...

    Probably not, but it wouldn't necessarily be the hardest thing to do either. You can have a central monitor that shows when each sensor marked it down at what time. Just compare that with the sensor for the ball. the only thing with putting them on players is the durability while players are...