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  1. msadows

    AJ Bouye

    300 threads about trubisky, but no threads on to how to ACTUALLY make the team better. He's gonna get cut. Pace/Bears wanted him a couple years back. Were the top bidder. He's still 28. Yay or Nay, you want him?
  2. msadows

    Hey guys did you know trubisky is not very good?

    If not, let me tell you guys. Let me tell ya! Ohh yea, Mahomes is the best player in the NFL. Mods, can we sticky this thread. This way CRM/Anytime can go off to greener pastures.
  3. msadows

    The practical answer for the bears at QB

    Get the guy with the most arm talent in the draft. Let Nagy prove his worth.
  4. msadows

    The Answer at Tight End for Matt Nagy's Scheme

    Hunter Bryant. Projected to run about a 4.45-4.60 40 at 6'2 240 lbs. 34 Inch vertical. Perfect "U tight end" as Matt "Genius" Nagy likes to refer to them as. Play him in the slot, at WR, out of the backfield. We all know Trey Burton is done for, so why not bring in a better version of him...
  5. msadows

    A.J. Green

    Would you want him if the Bengals let him walk? If healthy, obviously.
  6. msadows

    ya'll need to calm down

    smoke some weed its legal now.
  7. msadows

    Chase Daniel says the offense blew chunks because we couldn't run the football.

    Also said multiple defenses gave the bears looks they didn't prepare for in practice. Lol okay matt nagy. "When a defense plays two high safeties, you gotta be able to run the football, and we couldn't run the football" How pathetic is it that most defenses weren't stacking the box and we...
  8. msadows

    So why does everyone consider Matt Nagy an "offensive genius"?

    His offense is literally offensive. The guy had SIX, count them, SIX, games as a playcaller before joining the bears. We donned him as this "genius", but was it fools gold? Look at the current offensive geniuses in the NFL. ALL of the young guys had multiple years of playcalling before taking...
  9. msadows


    all of cvhicago will rejoice. the messiah has finally come to save our franchise. 450 yards 4 tds bois. gonna happen ok. Just have faithh Then all them chiefs gon be like damn boi I wish we had that mitch
  10. msadows

    Mitch will more than likely get the 5th year option

    Even if some members (mostly dum dums) don't believe so, or have a vendetta against it. I mean there are people on here who still don't believe Mitch starts a game next year. The option is only guaranteed against injury, and the Bears have until May of 2021 to cut him. We can do the same with...
  11. msadows

    #4 not lookin too good

    Funny what pressure does to a QB. Meanwhile Lamar got all day to throw and lookin like a beast.
  12. msadows

    Can we talk about Trey Burton?

    What the fucking hot garbage happened to this dude? Had a decent year last year, this year he's invisible. Runs shit routes, can't catch, cant block. He's basically worthless. He plays one of the most important positions on this offense and is one of the worst players on it. Fucking scrub.
  13. msadows

    LMFAO PFF has our oline ranked #8th thru 3 weeks

    No fucking way. Do they watch the games? Our highest rated olinemen is a 64, lmfao, we cant run block worth shit, and our guys are getting eaten alive on the inside stunts, but yet the oline is good according to PFF...
  14. msadows

    Mitch getting a lady friend ruined him

    His focus is no longer on football. Its on titties. Discuss. We all knew this would happen eventually, you can't stop him from kissing titties for that long.
  15. msadows

    You're all clownshoes

    Shits comedy gold. It's like you've never seen a QB play a bad game before. Crying like little bitches after one game. I'm sure all of Cleveland is begging for them to trade for rosen right now.
  16. msadows

    Can we talk about how good the defense was?

    I know everyone always loves to complain, but Instead of negative ass whining, how about something positive? People thought there would be regression with pagano. This D might become even better. They made Aaron look mortal out there. Held the back with the highest average in the league last...
  17. msadows

    Lets make up guys

    I'll stop being an asshole if you guys stop being assholes. Football season is upon us, its pointless to have childlike arguments and fights. I'll be on my best behavior if you guys stop the trolling. truce?
  18. msadows

    Nice Adam Jahns Tweet

    Adam Jahns‏Verified account @adamjahns 9h9 hours ago More Sorry, here's how the #Bears view their 2019 draft. 1st: Khalil Mack 2nd: Anthony Miller No. 73: RB David Montgomery, Iowa State No. 126: WR Riley Ridley, Georgia No. 205: CB Duke Shelley, Kansas State No. 222: RB Kerrith Whyte...
  19. msadows

    Schefter just said robbie refusing to sign with 9ers.

    Adam Schefter‏Verified account @AdamSchefter 3m3 minutes ago More In a turn of events, 49ers’ franchise kicker Robbie Gould has pulled his contract proposals that he sent to San Francisco and told the team he will not negotiate or sign a long-term deal with them, and he would like to be traded...
  20. msadows

    Bears sign Mike Davis

    RB from seattle