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  1. CRM 114

    Is it okay to recline your seat on an airplane?

    There’s been a lot of debate about this recently but I’m curious what you all have to say. Personally I don’t recline my seat as it just doesn’t make a huge difference in terms of comfort but it is a privilege that you pay for when you buy your ticket.
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    Is Mahomes the greatest Super Bowl MVP of all time?

    I think he is. What he did was legendary as I’ve outlined in previous threads but I’m curious what you all have to say.
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    Patrick Mahomes is a LEGEND

    It doesn’t matter how far down this guy gets in a game. He is bringing his team back. It doesn’t matter how many times his teammates let him down. He put the team on his back for three playoff games in a row. Meanwhile while one of his draftmates has a perfect team around him and can’t even make...
  4. CRM 114

    ***OFFICIAL*** NFL SUPERBOWL LIV Prediction Thread

    I have the Kansas City Chiefs, led by future HOFer Patrick Mahomes, beating the San Francisco 49ers in a thrilling affair. I also have future HOFer Patrick Mahomes winning the Super Bowl MVP.
  5. CRM 114

    Bought a Mahomes Jersey

    Can’t wait to wear this on Sunday for the biggest game of the DECADE!
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    Captain Toews won the NHL’s 3rd star of the week

    Yet another accomplishment for this great player 👏👏👏
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    ***OFFICIAL*** Patrick Mahomes SUPERBOWL BOUND Thread

    Mahomes is heading somewhere Trubisky will never go. Just 3 years in and he’s already got his team into the first of likely many super bowls. Just an all around amazing job by an all around amazing guy.
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    ***OFFICIAL*** CFP Championship Game Pick

    My gut is saying LSU wins so that’s my ***OFFICIAL*** pick.
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    January 6th...What a day

    A few big things happened today throughout the course of history but I’ll start with the most important. A year ago today was one of the most hilarious plays in NFL history, the DOUBLE DOINK. For those of you who may not remember, Cody Parkey hit both the left upright and the crossbar on a game...
  10. CRM 114

    Bears passed on 9 out of 12 playoff QBs

    Good read here. I have on occasion mentioned that the Bears passed on future HOFers DeShaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson but I always neglect to mention some of the other elite QBs they passed on...
  11. CRM 114

    Congratulations to DeShaun Watson (Part I)

    Watson made THE play of the game if not the season today to lead his team to victory. It wasn’t always easy as time and time again his useless teammates and coaches held him back but he was able to put them on his back and will them to victory. Watson now pulls into a tie with Mahomes for most...
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    Buffalo @ Houston As much as I don’t like to pick against Watson, Will Fuller may not play and I don’t trust Houston’s coaching staff. Buffalo wins 20-16 Tennessee @ New England Tennessee has been a nice story since Tannehill took over but that ends tonight. Belichick has owned Tannehill in...
  13. CRM 114

    Thoughts on Ryan Pace’s press conference

    -Said Happy New Year’s when it’s only New Year’s Eve (shows his lack of awareness of what’s going on around him. I’m reminded of when he thought Trubisky was better than Watson and Mahomes) -Started by reading some cliched statement -Not only neglected to denounce Mitch and his putrid play...
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    Trubisky says that the media will continue to write them off even though they are already ***OFFICIALLY*** mathematically eliminated from the playoffs

    Another L on Trubisky’s career. Is he really this oblivious to what’s going on around him?
  15. CRM 114

    Bears are ***OFFICIALLY*** mathematically eliminated from the playoffs

    They needed Minnesota to lose to the LA Super Chargers to stay alive. Very disappointing season but not surprising when you consider the glaring weakness at QB. You just can’t make it to the playoffs consistently with a QB of Mitch’s caliber.
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    All of you Trubisky nut huggers can go back to the holes you crawled out of now

    Trubisky’s play the last few weeks was cute but anyone with an IQ over 10 could have told you it wouldn’t last. I’m sure you all had fun gloating about it the past few weeks but that’s all over now. What you saw today is what Trubisky is. Meanwhile Lamar dominated the league’s #1 rush defense...