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    Early season thoughts from central Ohio

    Haven't actually seen any games but from all accounts I've read the pitching is awful. Didn't think it would e this bad. Do the Sox just not have any capable pitchers? Thought the Sox would be further along this year in the rebuild. This year could be worse than last year. I thought last...
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    No Sox news rumors, comments???

    Desperate for Sox news here in central Ohio. Is nothing going on, no comments on the Sox?
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    Word on the street

    I live in central Ohio and don't get much info on the Sox around here. Been a Sox fan my whole life. What is the real word on the street in Chicago about spring training so far? Thanks in advance. Go Sox
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    Hope this one actually works!

    I was on the old Sox message board that was sponsored by the Sox. Loved it. Easy to use, reliable. I have tried many of the other sites and they are either impossible to register for or I had a lot of trouble keeping them going. Granted I am sadly lacking in computer skills but I had no trouble...