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  1. payton 34ever

    Enough about Mitch...O-line?

    I'm tired of bitching about Trubisky. Yes, he's not going to be what all hoped for when they drafted him so high. Yes, there are many regrets (2 big QB ones in particular) about where he was taken in the draft and who the Bears could have had. That is low-hanging fruit. Here's a bigger...
  2. payton 34ever

    1st Ever Hawks Game Next Monday!

    Going to Chicago with the wife for St. Patty's day, and we decided to get tickets for my first-ever Hawks game on Monday. Can't believe I'm 46, and this will be my first one - beyond excited! Suggestions for things to experience at the United Center, since I've never been there before?
  3. payton 34ever

    Shea McClellin's Career Likely Over Due to Concussions

    Thanks for the hit on Rodgers, Shea. Enjoy Retirement.
  4. payton 34ever

    McDermott's defense is killing the Bulls

    A couple of the stats in this blog are mind-blowing. The videos are frustrating to watch, too:
  5. payton 34ever

    Jets give Brandon Marshall a raise

    Apparently his renegotiated contract with the Bears last year wasn't enough :confused:
  6. payton 34ever

    Potential Bulls Head Coaching Candidates

    Hoiberg has deep ties to Bulls organization Didn't realize just how closely connected he is with the Bulls and current management until I found this article from late March. I would be shocked if he doesn't end up in Chicago...
  7. payton 34ever

    Rate the Free Agent Moves so far and add a couple more you'd like to see

    Give a rating on McPhee, Rolle, and Royal, then add another name or two you'd still like to see in navy & orange next year....
  8. payton 34ever

    Carmelo Anthony is a douche

    Took the money, now having second thoughts 22 games into first year of new contract. He and that miserable team deserve each other. So glad we didn't overpay...
  9. payton 34ever

    Kyrie Irving down, and it doesn't look good

    Landed very awkwardly on left leg trying to block a perimeter shot, and looked like his knee went sideways. I've torn both of my ACLs, and it looked very familiar. Hope he's OK.
  10. payton 34ever

    OT: Ray Rice wins appeal, reinstated immediately

    What does everyone think of this? Will anyone take him?
  11. payton 34ever

    So who's our next coach?

    Seriously, with only 4 weeks left in this shit show, I think we can begin talking about it in earnest. Anyone want to step up with an idea, so they can say "I told you so" later?
  12. payton 34ever

    How a 5-11 team can win the NFC South

    Improbable, maybe. Impossible? Read the article and judge for yourself... How could the NFL not change their playoff structure if a 6-10 or 5-11 team is hosting a playoff game over a...
  13. payton 34ever

    Love eyeing Lakers in 2015?
  14. payton 34ever

    Briggs admits he's zoned out and watched the clock during team meetings Bench him. Just bench him.
  15. payton 34ever

    Which NFL jersey do the ladies buy most?

    Check out my home state of Iowa: Illinois is interesting, too, considering his past.
  16. payton 34ever

    Yahoo! Ranks NFL Coaches: Trestman 28th
  17. payton 34ever

    Bears offensive averages projected over a 16 game season

    Based upon their average output so far over 6 games, here's how the Bears offensive players would end up after 16 games (assuming each stays healthy): Keep in mind this is not a prediction, I simply took their current totals, divided by six, then multiplied by 16. Jay Cutler: 4,469 yards...
  18. payton 34ever

    Oh, for Phucks sake, look what Phoenix is doing now... Seriously?
  19. payton 34ever

    Son of a.........

    Just got Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood for Christmas, and my XBOX just crapped out with a hardware issue (one red light). First freaking problem I've ever had with it in nearly 3 years! DAMMMMMMIT! :facepalm: I called them about getting it fixed, and it turns out it is still under warranty...
  20. payton 34ever

    One of the best Bang cartoons I've seen...

    Check out Grossman in this one - hilarious! :nelson: BANG CARTOONS:2 Minute Warning: Shanahan teaches and wade Reaches