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  1. DC

    Air fryer

    Got an Air Fryer with a bunch of sauces and seasonings from my managers at our Christmas party this year, along with some sweet guitar picks of with my boys' face on them. Anyone got any experience with this seemingly badass piece of machinery? Any kickass recipes? I love chicken and shrimp but...
  2. DC

    Matt Nagy-Bad OC but good Head Coach?

    I've seen this idea on Twitter and multiple times on our beloved CCS. The idea that Nagy is a poor play caller and OC but is a good/great Head Coach. Excuse me, but what the fuck are some of you smoking? A good/great Head Coach should do multiple, wonderous things. Nagy...doesn't check those...
  3. DC

    Haiku Mitch

    Instead of pounding your fingers all over dead threads, come here and let your frustrations flow from your fingers in the form of Japanese Haiku. Dreamed and waited on Soul crushed and hopes dashed for now Hibernation comes Overthrow my heart Soar past ashes of failed 'backs Change is for the...
  4. DC

    Who can we trade?

    Simple enough as we have until October 29th. Who can we trade right now to get back in competition for a top QB in next years draft? Our defense still has some stars I believe are worth their current and future contracts but are bogged down for a number of reasons. I'm not a draft expert so...
  5. DC

    What happened to this guy?

    1. He's fluid, decisive and on target. 2. He's chubby, intense, and willing to throw it downfield. What in the hell has happened? Look at this clip and marvel at what could have been:
  6. DC

    Meatball Revolution

    Fellow Meatballs, Now that Robbie has assured himself of getting his house TP'd by spurning the spurious supplications of Mr. Ryan Pace, let's move forward. We have a potential Super Bowl team in Chicago. The Bears certainly have the talent and after last year, they've got playoff experience...
  7. DC

    Hibernation Thread-See ya

    I truly love CCS. I get far more from it than I give all of you. The jokes, the news, the insight. All of it is great aside from the occasional assclown. That said, the Bears loss hurt and I need to log off. I am sure there are others who are feeling like they just got shit-canned like me. At...
  8. DC

    OT-Season ticket question for an out of stater

    Everyone, Just logged into my account and saw my number was at 719! Holy cow! Seems pretty close so I have to ask a few questions. I know there are several posters here who have season tickets so here goes: My initial plan, roughly 10 years ago before kids/mortgage/etc was to put down the...
  9. DC

    Need Pork Green Chili recipe stat!

    CCS foodies, Please hook me up with a killer PGC recipe! I have been in love with this since moving to Colorado in 2001. At this time of year, there is only frozen hatch green chili in the supermarket. I'm looking for a creamy/thick version with onions, garlic, tomatoes, the works. For those...
  10. DC

    Bye Week Blues?

    I usually hate bye weeks that come this freaking early, but the more I think about it the more I realize this might be a perfect time for them. The Bears are 2 points away from being 4-0 and are one of the hottest teams in the league. We have the #1 defense in the NFL and possibility of a top...
  11. DC

    So...about Roquan.

    Dude brings it. He looks like Sam Mills out there. He's tiny. But his hustle, closing speed and POP are next level. He looked great tonight and playing behind monsters like Hicks, Mack, Goldman,, etc is exactly how he's going to shine. Another reason to love this defense.
  12. DC

    Bears/Broncos camp updates

    I'm here so I'll start it. 45 min. before practice and the crowd is 50/50. Going to be 90 degrees today and I'm going to rip off several dicks before the day is done. Excited to see Nagy do his thing.
  13. DC

    Lakefront Fishing Cabins?

    Sup CCS... So, I've taken the family to multiple fishing and camping spots throughout Colorado the past two years. Despite camping at some nice lakes/reservoirs I've been left wanting a bit more. I have a desire for something that despite my best efforts on google, always leaves me with...
  14. DC

    Headed to the WSOP

    Alright, I post a "Going to Vegas" thread roughly once a year. This year, an old buddy and I are headed out to the Rio for the WSOP. Going to be there during the Main Event but plan on playing some smaller buy-in tourneys and daily Sit N Gos. Plan on having a poker vacation. No wife, no kids...
  15. DC

    Issac Hayes...

    Ya'll have got to check out this funky ass grove. Goes instrumental around 3:20 and doesn't let up. Probably listened to it 20 times the past two weeks. A good use of 9 minutes.
  16. DC

    Help a cracker out

    Everyone, I need to cut my Direct TV bill out completely. We have a smart TV and old PS3. I am content with the local channels and using Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. However, I CANNOT lose our Bears. I, of course, have Sunday Ticket, and now that I have young children I'm not into going to a bar...
  17. DC


    Happy New Years ya bastards. I'm continuing my tradition of a post shift meal of steak and eggs after a 600 am close. 55k in sales and although it was hard, long and physical we did great. Howd everyone elses NYE go?
  18. DC

    Anyone ever been to Cabo San Lucas?

    I won a trip via work with the Wifey. Weve got 4 nights at the "Secrets" resort all inclusive. Anyone ever been to one of those? Anyone ever done some fun, local stuff or attractions?
  19. DC

    Solar....good deal?

    We want to go solar for our home which is a 2 story that is absolutely ridiculous to heat and cool. Sometimes our excel bill will reach $350/month. It's obnoxious. Does anyone have any advice or warnings? I've heard Solar City is a ripoff and it's best to purchase and own your panels. Any...
  20. DC

    San Diego/ La Jolla

    The fam and I are going to be at the La Jolla beach area this weekend for a wedding. Since I have two young children I originally thought we'd watch MNF at the hotel with some pizza...but now that's Trubs is starting I want to make a bigger deal out of it. Anyone know of any good Bears...