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  1. Huxster

    Eli Harold

    He's available, better than our 4th OLB ?? or no?
  2. Huxster

    49ers tag Gould

  3. Huxster

    Pagano Changes

    Quick question, its reported that Chuck likes to use more man coverage this has been an issue in the past for Fuller what are the options for him/Bears is he in the slot, 3rd safety etc??
  4. Huxster

    BBC NFL show stat on Rodgers
  5. Huxster

    Tremaine Edmunds

    It was suggested in the 2nd coming of Ware thread to start a separate thread about this chap and his draft value.
  6. Huxster

    Don't Know if this has been linked already ??

    John DeFilippo: Next in Line
  7. Huxster

    Geronimo Allison

    Don't know what he's like as a football player but Jeff Joniack would love him.
  8. Huxster

    Kendall Langford

    He's been cut by the Rams, big unit could he be a cheaper option for one of the 5 Tech spots???
  9. Huxster

    Just so you know !!

  10. Huxster

    Roster Battle, Is Ford affecting 2 positions on the 53?.

    With Ford showing running skills at both RB and returner does this allow the Bears to keep Wilson and Ford as 3rd RB and back up returner making Weems expendable and allowing the development of WIlson and Anderson??.