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  1. benplace

    Mitch Trubiskys youth camp

    Anyone else at Mitchs youth football camp with their kid(s)?
  2. benplace

    Parking help

    I have tickets to take my boys (12 & 13) to the Bears-Vikings game in Sept. A few years back I found a place online that had great parking near the lakefront with easy in and out for like 30-50$ I cannot find who I used now and I don't want to get ripped off. Does anyone have suggestions for...
  3. benplace

    Roy Robertson-Harris

    This has been bothering me since our season ended. How come no one has talked about Roy Robertson-Harris's lackluster effort on the field goal miss that ended our season? If you re-watch, focus on #95 on the left hand side. What a piece of shit effort.
  4. benplace

    Trubisky in Probowl?

    Since we are guaranteed that either Goff or Brees will be in the SB, does that mean Trubisky is in as an alternate?
  5. benplace

    Fangio press conference Some good stuff, you can tell he is nervous AF...
  6. benplace

    Robbie Gould makes that kick

    We have been calling for a new kicker all year, this ones on Nagy and Pace...
  7. benplace

    GoFundMe to buy out Parkeys contract

    Now this is funny...
  8. benplace

    Fedex field filled with Eagles fans rooting for the Bears...
  9. benplace

    Are we the 82-83 Bears?

    I decided to re-watch the 85 Bears 30 for 30 episode with my son (He's 12 and just started watching this year and he's Bear crazy) The similarities to this team and the 82/83 team are uncanny. The Bears decided to make a coaching change that year and brought in Mike Ditka, a coach with offense...
  10. benplace

    May the force be with us...

  11. benplace

    We have to learn how to play on the road...

    If you look at our win-loss games, with the exception of the buffalo game, all of our road games were either down to the wire or losses. This week everyone is talking about how this defense can carry us to the Superbowl but didn't they just give up 30 points to the Giants? Can we pump home crowd...
  12. benplace

    Mitch's Interceptions bad play calling?

    The first interception had an empty backfield with 2 wide receivers on either side and Mizzell in the slot on 2nd and 15. I am not sure why they keep pushing Mizzell into the game, Cohen should have been in there. After the snap you see 2 receivers and Mizzell run a quick curl route with...
  13. benplace

    Live game thread on Saints forum

    Man this was fun to read. Really giving Mitch "TruPicksy" a hard time but giving our D their props.
  14. benplace

    The Calm before the storm

    Saw this on reddit, awesome!
  15. benplace

    Redskins QB situation

    So the Redskins are now down to Mark frickin Sanchez at QB... There are some people saying they should sign Kaepernick, I think it's time for Smokin Jay to make a come back!
  16. benplace

    Mitchell Trubisky cleared to play

    50 second mark, they say "We know Mitch was cleared to play" If true, then basically he is benched this game. The Vikings are right on our coat tails, we cannot rest healthy players, the Giants at home are tougher than we think. Ridiculous.
  17. benplace

    Does Miami always beat us?

    I have a good friend that grew up near Miami and is a Dolphin fan. I asked him what he thought about this weeks game and he said he isn't worried because Miami always finds a way to beat the Bears. He went on to mention the 06 and 85 games. Yes, out of the 12 games we have played all time vs...
  18. benplace

    CSN, NBC Sports Chicago WTF?

    What happened? The new "Football after show" is horrible, and no pregame anymore? I miss Jiggets and Jim Miller and the Kool Aid drinking after a win. Mullens at the stadium report etc... This new shit sucks.
  19. benplace

    Jay Cutler not 100% sure he is done with football...