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  1. koehler5754

    Free Agency news - 2020

    Baltimore trades for Campbell and now signing Brockers? Damn.....
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    How many more hits can Jordan Reed take?

    Jordan Reed is the type of athletic, move TE that this offense needs to tick. However, his brains are scrambled eggs at this point from concussions. Worth a flier, or leave him alone?
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    Worst bears to make pro bowl

    X Lol thank you for saying it.. I about lost my shit. How do people who ACTUALLY know anything about the Bears not know that Briggs was a WLB, and 7 time Pro Bowler....
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    David Njoku or OJ Howard?

    Lol..ok... Mr. CCS GM, please bestow on us what you think it would take?
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    David Njoku or OJ Howard?

    We all know that rookie TEs take a long time to develop. If these two became available through trade, what kind of actual trade scenario would you be happy with? Howard for a 4th, and Njoku for a 6th for me
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    Fuller... Am I the only one?!

    It's by design...
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    Trubisky is GOD. Gabriel too!

    Agreed. And Go Hawkeyes
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    Trubisky is GOD. Gabriel too!

    I don't care damnit! Lol
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    Trubisky is GOD. Gabriel too!

    Yeah buddy!
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    Barr to the Jets

    One less pass rusher to worry about from the Vikings
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    Going to camo with the family....

    Going to camp with the family.... Does anyone have any pointers? I'm active duty Navy, and will be in my dress whites tomorrow. How much are kids rides, food, etc? What am I looking at, realistically? Thanks in advance
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    Day 3 Mock Draft

    Just wanna start by saying that this is the first time that I can remember being this far into a Bears Draft, and being THRILLED with everything so far. We need to work on the defense today though. There are some decent offensive options left, for sure, but I see this being D heavy today...
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    Saints trying to trade Vaccaro

    New Orleans Saints are actively trying to trade S Kenny Vaccaro. Obviously Pace was there when he was drafted. He is talented, for sure, however he is looking for a BIG payday. I don't know what the Saints are looking for in interested for a 3rd round pick. Maybe even second. Thoughts?
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    Joe Haden released

    No need to worry about trade value.....lets kick the tires! Even without Prince banged up, he's the best CB on our roster. With our front 7, a decent year from him, would be a big lift...
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    Bears Defense WILL be a Top 10 unit this year.

    I don't have a magical THC crystal ball or anything like some posters do, ( I think we all know who does though, lol), but I think our D can be great this year. Health is obviously the most important thing for us, but damn...luck has to sway our way at some point in time, right? Our D-line...
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    What is our best offensive personnel grouping, in your opinion?

    Keep in mind, this is obviously prior to roster cuts. However, I think that Zach Miller will make this team, which means that we will (Shaheen should be good), have 3 good TEs. No one obviously knows if Kevin White will be anything worthwhile, but if we assume he's not, I'd have to say going...
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    Who is your guy, and why?

    You have the pick of the litter. Cleveland and San Francisco, surprise everyone and select players that we're not interested in, in any way. Who do you want at #3 and why? I think I'm in on Deshone Kizer. Kid looks amazing to me. I want to go defense so bad I can taste it, but I'm tired of not...
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    Let's say we get a Top Ten pick next year.

    Who specifically do you want?
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    To all the Bears haters...

    Climb an entire wall of dicks with your mouth...that is all. BEAR DOWN!