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  1. PFTCB

    I love how Bears fandom went from overly pessimistic to overly optimistic in a single day

    Can you dumb fucking meatballs just look at things objectively? Thanks
  2. PFTCB

    Are you ready to admit you were wrong yet, Mitch-haters?

    After a week of complaining, I think it's clear to see that the white C on the helmet really was a game changer.
  3. PFTCB

    Jesper Horsted promoted to active roster

    Ivy League bash brothers? 10-6 back on the menu???? :youdontsay:
  4. PFTCB

    A truly depressing image

    Really good infographic on exactly how cheeks this team is.
  5. PFTCB

    Bilal Nichols back at practice

    Just in time
  6. PFTCB

    Jet lag

    Can someone here explain to someone as dumb as me how the team was jet lagged when they played their games at the exact same time as at home, and very likely kept the same sleep/eat schedules as they were only in the UK for 2 days(on the front end)? It's different when you play those stupid ass...