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  1. Exhibit_A

    Can we bring back replacement refs

    just for the Seattle and fudge game? Hell, bring em back permanently cause they can’t do any worse than a the current losers.. I feel with the saints out that these bastards have a clear path to the Super Bowl.. not cause they are great(far from that) but because of their paid off refs and...
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    But.. But he’s the greatest !!

  3. Exhibit_A

    This dude is speaking the truth!

  4. Exhibit_A

    Wow Rivers!!

    I turned on this shit game for the last two minutes and cant believe what I saw from rivers even after he gets bailed out there! So let me guess he is gonna get a free pass from the So called nfl experts for his atrocious play.. Imagine if trubisky had done that with our shit play calling and...
  5. Exhibit_A

    Haha haha fudge!!

    Even with the shittiest coach and playing calling in the league we didn’t get our handed like the fudge did today against the chargers!!😂😂😂 as a matter of fact if we didn’t have a loser coach we would have beat em..
  6. Exhibit_A

    And you guys hate on Trubisky smh!!

    Not saying he is the best thing to happen to the bears but give the man a break.. the real problem is there is no discipline on offense and the bald headed visor wearing asshole is the main problem!!
  7. Exhibit_A

    Screw the refs!

    Does any body know how many favorable bullshit calls the fudge packers have this season so far when it’s supposed to be 4th down? I bet they lead the league by far!
  8. Exhibit_A

    Goff sucks!!

    Making the niners defense look better than they are lmao.. I bet there are a few morons that would love him over Trubisky..
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    Lmao cheating refs just stole a td from Vikings!

    So sickening !
  10. Exhibit_A

    Typical packers!

    I don’t understand how they get away with this shit!? So sickening..
  11. Exhibit_A

    Why is no one slamming Trey Burton?

    Majority of people on here are teeing off on trubisky, what about burton? Didn’t even play one snap in preseason and questionable due to a minor groin injury, and decides not to play again like how he did during our playoff game last year.. what was the reason again ? He was having butterflies...
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    Two things I’m worried about..

    You guys probably won’t believe me lol but I told friends before the season started (and before we got Mack) that we are going far into the playoffs this season even though I heard over and over stuff like “not this season but next season we would be good”.. Hell, even after we got Mack we still...
  13. Exhibit_A

    Mitch haters crickets?

    Has more td passes than al bundy in an entire game!! So suck it! See what happens when the ol actually gives him time u haters? So suck on it again and again and again!
  14. Exhibit_A

    Bring back replacement refs...

    We should start a petition to bring back replacement refs just like how the fudge packers were bitching and crying like little pussies for the real refs back after that legit Td by Golden Tate. Cause these zebras in this league now are a bunch of morons!!
  15. Exhibit_A

    I don’t know what was better

    The bears win or that Aaron Rodgers injury. Kinda leading towards that injury 😃🍆👌..
  16. Exhibit_A

    Gruden must of either been high or drunk

    for praising this clown giraffe..
  17. Exhibit_A

    Technically I’ll rather have Glennon than Aaron Rodgers..

    Because Rodgers has thrown two pick sixes and a fumble and straight giving points to the other teams.. and don’t don’t forgot they took a pick six away from Seattle on a phantom punch..
  18. Exhibit_A

    You would think

    with that giraffe neck of Napoleon dynamite that he would at least be able to look over the defense like any other giraffe.. but apparently not 😂..
  19. Exhibit_A


    Came to the conclusion that butt fumble is better than Napoleon dynamite goose neck giraffe..