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    Bears hire Clancy Barone as TEs coach

    I like fancy silly nannies myself. Isn't that what Brits call the Chicago Bears?
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    Bobby Peters - What Happened to Matt Nagy's Offense in 2019?

    Interesting stuff. CHI/Trubisky is tied for last in average pocket time. 2.3 seconds. lol!
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    Bobby Peters - What Happened to Matt Nagy's Offense in 2019?

    I actually think Dallas was the best called/played game because Dallas weakness on defense was the TE. So the Bears practice squad TEs were actually able to do something which opened up the entire offense. Trubs also ran some keepers as well.
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    Bobby Peters - What Happened to Matt Nagy's Offense in 2019?

    I think OL hamstrung both play calling and QB play. I’d really like to see the offense operate with competent run and pass blocking.
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    Bobby Peters - What Happened to Matt Nagy's Offense in 2019?

    I thought Bears RPOs have two initial reads. One is the run read between QB/RB and the other is a WR quick throw read after run fake all out of the same play.
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    Pat Shurmur a possibility

    Bears defense was 4th in the league in points given up for 2019. 18.6/game
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    Eric Ebron

    To be fair to the Patriots, players don’t develop at the same pace. Some are later bloomers, like Hicks. It was very difficult to see how good Hicks could be in his 2nd/3rd year. Hopefully Trubisky is also a later bloomer since we don’t have any good options for upgrade in 2020.
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    OT - Was the Clowney hit on Wentz dirty?

    The hit looks different in slow mo compared to real-time speed. Probably why it was never flagged.
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    I don’t get the point of trashing other people’s teams... Saints are a good team, that happened to not play that well on Sunday. It happens. Part of winning a SB is being on a roll playing your best at the right time of the season.
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    Not so bold prediction

    I don’t think Trub and Watson are as far apart as some would like to believe. Their difference is Watson’s stronger scrambling and running ability. Dude is really tough to take down. I don’t see any difference in how well they are in pure passing when comparing playoff appearances (highest...
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    Is anyone optimistic about next season?

    If Miller gets his shoulder right he can be a good slot guy. Daniels needs to work on his strength but is another that could still pan out. Montgomery will be fine with better run blocking/scheme.
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    Is anyone optimistic about next season?

    Really depends on what they do but I’m slightly optimistic that they fully evaluate how they are running their offense and make changes there as well as improve the talent at OL and TE. If those three things happen they are a playoff team again with a shot.
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    Here are the best list of reasons why it was smart of Pace to choose Trubisky over Watson

    Judging by Watson’s pass performance last night, it was below mediocre.... but his scrambling and running is what got them back into the game and eventually won it for them. I don’t think it will carry the team much farther than it has though. Still a solid team all around but I don’t see...
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    Watson’s play actually reminded me of Trubisky last year in the wildcard game. Both blew chunks for much of the game until Q4/OT.
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    Lol huge choke by Buffalo. Unless Texans just gave them a doorway with the 4th down try...
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    Chase Daniel says the offense blew chunks because we couldn't run the football.

    Media reporting that Heistand and Helfrich were the running game coordinators. Nagy handled the passing game.
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    I miss this

    It’s like everyone has blocked out the inevitable 4th quarter awful, didn’t see the defender at all, interception that Cutler threw almost on queue.
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    Will fixing OL and TE make Trubisky better at Reading Coverages in 2020?

    It’ll be easier to make reads with an effective run game due to LBs being pulled forward. The open man will be more obvious. So yes... will he be elite? Probably not. Can he be effective? I think so. Edit: effective doesn’t mean top of the league either... I’m talking about mid pack...
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    The Bears Running Game and Mitch Trubisky

    I wonder how many NFL QBs can actually thrive with awful run games. Maybe 5?