Bears 100 Centennial Scrapbook = LEGIT.


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Wow @Rob219_CBMB paid $55 for a picture book and is dumping another $55 for one that he will keep in the packaging and not even use. Amazing.
No. $110 is a large amount of money for two shitty picture books though especially when you could probably go down to a thrift store and get two for $1-2 or so.
i when ahead and brought 4 more, one for myself, one for my main homie who I always enjoying talking BEARS with, one for a gift to whom deserves it, and one will be for autographs when i go to Bourbonnais. what gets me is i got a pair of yeezy's this past sunday as a gift, which I've would of never shell out the money for cause i prefer Jordans or fly knits Nikes or Adidas..
the thrift store aint so bad but you can't be that cheap cause that is why stores are closing down and people are out of work because of cheap people like you. Try to stop buying yourself booze and cigarettes if you broke.