Chris Ballard hired as Bears GM (Placeholder thread)

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I'm back--The Man in the Know-- I have your new GM and Coaching Info

Just wanna wish Sevvy & Spear Happy New Year. My 2 biggest trolls.

What have I found out about the GM Search? Its no longer a search. Last week Big Ernie met 1 on 1 with Ballard. Ernie has given his approval for Ballard. Its the only GM candidate ERnie has met with 1 on 1. The others have had "interviews" via phone. So now the Bears brass will meet with Ballard. Chances are very very good I've heard that Ballard will get an offer this weekend. Ballard is said to have fond liking to Bears vs. Jets for many reason.

so with a 95% probability our NEW GM WILL BE C. BALLARD FROM KANSAS CITY

Coaching search. Here is what's screwed up. The GM is gonna have some but NOT ALL say in the HC search. The Bears are forming their list of 3 top candidates via pre screening prior to GM hire. What makes Ballard attractive is he was given a list of possible HC's and said he can work with any of the possible coaches. He has said he has no others that he prefers. THis is troubling indeed. Essentially, Bears management, basically George, is gonna have his 3 top HC's then together they will decided with Ballard the new HC. I have not heard any indications on preference. There is a strong growing liking for Maroone but that is also growing strong sentiment from Jets as well. As always, when I hear more I report.

Enjoy our new GM Ballard. Start reading up on the guy. Probably better than Emery but what concerns me is why he wasn't considered previously when looking at Emery. Oh well not my decision.
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