Cubs Photo History


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I’m putting together a photo history of key years in Cubs history. CD contains complete photo player rosters for the following key years…..1945, 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990 and 2000 through 2018….over 2500 photos. Photos are grouped together on a CD so they can be viewed consecutively as a complete team. Every photo has a description under it: “1995 John Doe SS 95-99” meaning he was a shortstop for the Red Sox from 1995 through 1999.

The only two players I’m missing are listed below. If anyone has photos of these players in their Cubs uniforms, please contact me at PLEASE NOTE – I am only looking for digital photos (e.g., JPEG photos) that can be emailed to me, not hardcopy photos. I’m willing to trade digital photos to help you with your photo collection.

If you would like a copy of my player photo CD, please contact me at for more details. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

1990 Randy Kramer
2000 Jerry Spradlin