I feel bad for Texans & Chiefs


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I think they should throw out the salary cap. It would weed out the shitty owners and force the sale of their teams..

Jack Lantern

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They are going to have to give their QBs a 200 million dollar contract.
That's a cub fan mentality

On a side note the present CBA is running on its last legs. You can be sure QB salaries will be discussed in the next CBA cause it's getting out of hand, lots of scrubs are getting paid just due to playing the position.


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Never forget LaCanfora (especially the last few sentences)

"I will say this, I am a staunch Mitch Trubisky skeptic," La Canfora said. "I think there has been a lot of dot-connecting and a lot of projecting and a lot of hype. But, everything I was hearing this summer was he ain't playing that much because [the Bears] don't think it will go real well if he plays a lot. Everything I heard was, let's go give a pass-rusher 'quarterback money' because we might never have to give this quarterback 'quarterback money'. In the meantime, we better try to win 13-10. Because even though we have all these pieces around him, his ability to get the ball 20, 30, 40 yards down the field, his ability to read the whole field and his ability to run an NFL offense —we'll see."