London experience


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To the three generation family, grandfather father and son, who swapped seats with me at the London Stadium on Saturday.

Despite two ‘last minute’ defeats for the Hammers and the Bears I hope you enjoyed your time in London and brought home some good memories of your trip. The Bears and Raiders gave us one of the best London games we have enjoyed. Your fans were a credit to your team. When I got home from the match I watched the game on tv and the commentator said “this may be a raiders home game but this is definitely a bears crowd”. Good luck for the rest of the season. Go Bears.


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Sorry it wasn't me. I was there with my son, 2 daughters and future son-in-law.
It was great to see so many enthusiastic Bears fans, the boos when the Raiders took to the field was hilarious.
I don't know where all the Raiders fans came from after the game, to scared to show there true colours till after the final whistle. :shifty:
I was at the London game as well. Though I've been a Bears fan for more than 30 years I've never been to an actual live game from them. Living in Belgium has to do with that . 😉
I can confirm nearly 8 out of 10 people by my estimate wore Bears gear. Bears fans really showed up in force. Too bad they let us down for this game.


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I was there also.

I'll have to say the crowd turned the game around in the second half.

The "Let's Go Bears" chants.....I haven't heard them at Soldier Field this loud.

At first I thought this was a Bears game but all of sudden the Raiders fans were loud to.

Many people just like me flew from around other European countries for our Bears...

Too bad we couldn't finish the comeback.