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You guys are looking at it from a biased point and I'm not sure why. You are mad at the side

that contains the points of the other team and not the side that should be scoring OUR points. They have kept most teams to a minimal score and We have ZERO offense to counter that. Do you expect them to pitch shutouts for 60 minutes so we can be undefeated from FGs?



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Actually, I was the one saying that I doubted we would win in New Orleans even last year after we lost to Philly. You were the one saying we would win.

At the time, yes. Entering year 4, it was a good trade. So I can't fault them for it. We are asked "knowing what we know now". It's a hypothetical argument.
You were saying not to worry about losing because this would be the year to compete. I was saying gotta take advantage while you can which we didn't.

The answer to the hypo is still to take Mack because once again most 1st round picks never reach his level. We are closer to be contenders with him than with 2 unknown draft picks and with the cap we need to take advantage in next few years.

Unless you talking about starting a new rebuild and trading all our good players it makes no sense. Guys like Hicks are not getting any younger.