Sanders Solutions: POSTERS EDITION

Dick Jauron

CCS Donator
Of all the fans forums, this one is the most abundant in material which is great; Nevertheless several quality posters are being shunted by others. This is not a kiss ass thread nor am I an alt; or am I?

Solid posters-
No order; Ommy, Spartan, BF51, Bearmick, TeddieKGB, and of course myself

Where is BF51? and teddy never posts enough.

Before I am slammed as a Trubs hater, let me state that he looks to me like the real deal and a franchise quarterback going forwards, which obviously some of the posters I listed do not agree with (kapernick lol).

Also the guy with a swimming bear as his pic (sorry I cant remember the name) is good too.

I've missed a few good posters (deadpirateroberts- underrated) but some of these guys get a lot of trolling and hate and for what? posting controversial opinions? We should all strive to post higher quality material than the degeneration of seemingly every thread of length into squabbling.
You forgot me.