Trajectory of the 2019 Season


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Nagy could have converted to a John Fox offense.

Which some people on here were actually calling for. But you're right, he stuck with Trubs.
Paraphrasing with an enormous exaggeration will not win you points.

I'm just happy that Nagy came to his senses. For a while there, he looked like he was too stubborn to learn from mistakes. Mitch is not a complete QB but many successful ones are in the same boat. Mitch may not be the ultimate answer but he didn't need to be the biggest problem either.

I think this game will tell us a lot about Mitch. Rival game against a good team that knows him well. He's also due for a let down if he's just been lucky. Good game this week and I may look at him differently again.
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If this is sustainable, what is happening on offense right now, then I am fine that we blew 8 games getting here.


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We don't know for sure what went on in Nagy's head.

Trubisky was playing much differently the first half of the year than last year. For whatever reason. It wasn't working, Trubisky was not reading defenses properly and was very tentative.

Second half of the season Trubisky started seeing defenses better, his yards per completion went up and he started to become more accurate.

I absolutely lay this at the feet of Trubisky.....


Nagy sucked as a head coach the first half of the season and was a shit playcaller. Anyone who lays all the problems at the feet of Trubisky either hasn't really watched the Bears or doesn't understand what they are seeing.

Nagy did not call run play consistently, and due to his game plan, made the Bears a one dimensional team. He was stubborn and refused to do what we all wanted was play action passing.

Second half of the season, Nagy ran the ball like a maniac, but he also added a bigger mixture of actual play action passing. Not just RPOs. Trubisky was turning his back to the oline.

Combine these facts with bad oline play the first half of the year you have a recipe for disaster.

The plain and simple truth is that Nagy started calling much more traditional play action passing. Immediately the Bears started playing better on offense. The oline was blocking better in both running and passing and Montgomery was starting to find consistent success.

I understand the narrative of wanting to pin this on one aspect of it. Its simple and it it allows people to justify their previous narratives without having to put much thought process into it. But It is pretty obvious that Nagy, Trubisky and the oline were culpable in the bad offense, but they are also the big part of the reason that there has been a dramatic turnaround.

The oline improved, Trubisky improved and Nagy improved. It wasn't just one thing or even a majority piled onto one thing.
at least you fully understand it, like me and a few others. The OP just blames it all on Mitch, which is so misguided.


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eh, I don't much care who is to blame in the scenario.

I am just saying imo, Nagy hasn't changed what he does and what he calls all that much. Some wrinkles here and there, but same basic approach and overall philosophy. The one who has grown is Trubisky.

Basically I am saying that Nagy has been a stubborn fuck all year. The team looked like shit cause the QB was failing and everything compounded from there. But it looks like Trubs may have hit that threshold where shit is slowing down and he isn't all up in his head.

And when it clicks with Trubs, the O takes off. It looks like magic, but in reality these plays have been there all along, waiting for Trubs to step up.
Actual TEs seemed to have helped him too

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I posted this on like page 5 of some dumb ass thread, but am reposting because I am interested in what people think.

And no, the claim is not that Nagy is some kind of genius or some stupid shit. Just that Nagy is Nagy and he is gonna run his team through the QB. He is gon run his O the way he wants and is not gon change. And for now, that means forcing Trubs into the player Nagy needs him to be.

I contend the struggles this year come from Trubs failing to execute and Nagy refusing to adapt to shit QB play. All the other problems mostly been symptoms of that core dynamic.

I am neither praising nor criticizing this approach. Just saying what I think has been happening.

It IS unique in Bears history tho that a coach is actually trying to force a QB to develop rather than caving after half a season and going full turtle with the O.

I guess we will all see how it turns out.
Well. What yiu said was just flat out inaccurate.

The offense was changed for Trubisky. The offensive line was adjusted. The TEs were put on IR and benched and the pocket has been moved frequently to support Trus ability to throw on the run. We've also seen much less RPO and more single back and power running. Zone run scheme has been leaned on less and runs have been called more.


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The Trap plays that never work and are executed like shit are clear examples of a play caller refusing to abandon plays that have no hope of success and help sabotage every single game. Apparently not accountable at all.

Misuses Patterson, took most of the season to discover he has a pair of serviceable TEs in Holtz/Horsted

The receivers leading the league or being top 2-3 in drops... Nope no accountability there either.

Generally piss poor blocking... complete pass.

Yep totally all Trubisky's fault. Can't possibly be that most of the rest of the Offense are as average or far worse than him with a stubborn HC/OC to combine for a well below average offense.

Ya know why Mitch ran so well against Dallas? He didn't suddenly remember. Nagy didn't unsheath him. Dallas sucks ass at spying QBs. They mentioned it in the TV broadcast. And their superstar MLB was out. Dallas also doesn't do much disguising of their D. You should remember we had that DC in Chicago.

Sunday Mitch will be spied. The DBs will be draped all over the WRs. And HOPEFULLY we don't have to listen to Amos tell the world They knew that route because Nagy called it all game and literally 2 minutes earlier. Like the Trap runs.

What you want to see in growth Sunday. Is Nagy not calling repetitive plays or stubbornly running plays the OL has not once blocked well. Mitch not wildly overthrowing receivers. Leno NOT false starting and being repeatedly put on his ass or shoved directly into Mitch. The OL not casually strolling up field after the RB or a WR trying desperately to get yac. The WRs getting separation from quality DBs and not dropping passes. The team managing to have the right number of players on the field. DBs not jumping routes with absolutely no one behind them. Safeties not jumping double moves without help. Aaron Lynch not being off sides. Mitch and his receivers being on the same page. WRs running the right routes.

It's almost like there is more than just one cog in the machine.


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I think whether Nagy deserves blame largely depend on where the offense goes from here.

If the offense continues to be good and produce and Trubisky is the QB of the future for years then the 8 games was worth it.

If this is just a blip then the 8 games of crap wasn't worth it.
Oh, its all on Nagy. He is the one steering the ship.

Weather it goes down as a massive failure or a legend in coaching all depends on how Trubs responds.