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Let’s talk about Bulls culture under John Paxson.

Bulls culture is assaulting your own head coach in the locker room. Bulls culture is misdiagnosing Luol Deng’s injury and then questioning his toughness in the media when he was physically incapable of playing. Bulls culture is creating a toxic locker room with rifts so pronounced they had to be settled on Instagram. Bulls culture is one teammate punching another in the face and blaming the victim. Bulls culture is spying on your own team. Bulls culture is the classless letter this organization sent out after firing Tom Thibodeau. Bulls culture is dragging your players through the mud the moment they leave the organization.

For someone so willing to talk about the culture of this organization, Paxson sure has botched it at every step of his career. The man hasn’t just built bad teams, he’s created a hostile work environment that no player should willingly want to come into. It’s no wonder this franchise annually strikes out on free agents.

Of course, it’s never John Paxson’s fault. It’s Derrick Rose’s fault for not being a good enough recruiter. It’s Thibodeau’s fault for coaching the team too hard. It’s Fred Hoiberg’s fault for not coaching the team hard enough. It’s Jimmy Butler’s fault for wanting the money that he’s earned. It’s anyone’s fault but Paxson’s.

John Paxson has driven the Chicago Bulls into the ground. He’s taken one of the great franchises in all of sports and has turned them into a laughingstock. This should be a global brand that superstars want to play for. Instead, it’s a franchise that runs itself like a mid-market club because they can get away with it.


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Paxson has not been fired so apparently, he is doing it like Reinsdork wants him to. Jerrys kids want to win the world series, but he does not want to do it with the highest payroll in baseball. On the west side, I dont see that changing much. He has paid more to get players to leave than he gave them to play here. A Duane Wade who was able to perform for Riley and a video coach was not able to play for Hoiberg. Now they dont hire pop, they hire a guy that watched him and was the bad guy on the staff. Someone convinced Jerry that Rondo and Wade got them back to the playoffs, nobody told Fred.

Now we have a guy that has injuries cost players their starting spots. If Zach Lavine is cleared to play, then he needs to start. Same with the Dunn and Laurie returns earlier. Now a guy you are paying 20 million to needs to earn playing time thru practice, while Carter Jr, who was apparently on the bench track was thrown into the starting lineup. Now he steps on the court and he has three fouls. What happened to that learning curve playing behind Lopez, while keeping the trade value up for Robin? Holiday is braiding his hair so tight his eyes are squinted and cant see the rim any more.

sure seems like there are 4 cultures right now, if the front office is not on the same page, no way the team will be.

JD Trendleton

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Team is terrible to watch play NBA basketball. Nice to see the opponent's playing well, because you sure as hell can't expect the Bulls to.