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You have to go back 5 pages to neg me. Don't know you but you are a pussy
Hawk fan since 1969-70.
Favorite Hawk Players: Mikita, Tazer, Larmer, Hossa, Keith, Shaw
Favorite Player Nobody Would Ever Choose: Brent Sopel
All-Time Favorite Moment: "17 Seconds" while I had taken several 14-year olds (I'm a science teacher) to the Grand Canyon. Aggravating at the time, but glorious still...
My best sport was: baseball
Hobbies: Piano (mostly jazz), backpacking
Hawks fan since the late 1950's. Toews is my current favorite Hawk. Bobby Hull my all-time favorite Hawk. My most memorable Blackhawk moment would be when I attended my first NHL game (back on leave from the middle of the Pacific Ocean in 1971) and saw Bobby Hull score the first goal vs the North Stars at the Met Center.
Hey buddy, I know you are super into Pork faggots for the big game, but that's not a venue we want to explore TBH. Lets chill it on that. Just continue to do your thing and I'll let you know if you're COOL enough. Thank YOU
QB comparison thread or nah? Literally asked you twice on discord. Beginning to think you are ignoring me :rolleyes:
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CRM 114
CRM 114
It’s literally right here.

How do you post image sigs buddy lol
Hey do you know how to post a image to your signature section