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Please stop melting down.

I'm not melting down. I have been a member here and CBMBDs for years and none of this has happened. Not even the 'decency' to get a warning inna PM.
They ALREADY locked me out of the banning thread FYI
Giving a reason for why you are melting down doesnt mean you arent melting down. You only recently started to post like a retard. do u think that might have something to do with why things like you are melting down about have never happened before?
Check my posts and ask yourself if this is bannable or just because they hate conservative perspective. It's sad when the biggest trolls on any forum are the Moderators.
Constantly being banned P&I forum for no reason other than being conserative. But it's ok for Mods to claim they have had sex with my wife, ban me because it's April Fools Day, because they feel like jerking me. When I send you PMs I find those PMs on the forum.
Make me a mod again. You can always fire me if I fuck up. It's time. Me being a mod will make most of them settle down.
says I have insufficient privileges to post in donator not going to...just like to know I could if I wanted to.