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    Dakota Dozier?!! Really........?!!!

    Here's What New Arrival Dakota Dozier Brings To Bears O-Line This guy should NEVER step onto a football field. He's not "depth." He's a Liability. At best he's a Palooka. A Camp Body.
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    Dakota Dozier?!! Really........?!!!

    3:31 Wanna Vomit?! This guy is terrible.
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    Dakota Dozier?!! Really........?!!!

    They loathe him in Minny.
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    Dakota Dozier?!! Really........?!!!

    I am stunned. He's horrible. Think Rashaad Coward on Cough Medicine. What was Poles thinking?!!!!
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    Bears FA Thoughts

    Jensen. Open the checkbook.....Write the check.
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    Bears sign Joe Thomas!!!

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    OT: Holy crap Kenny Golladay had a terrible season

    He arrived "Pre-Injured." Had red flags all over his Free Agency.
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    Myles Garrett post game comments... LOL

    I am so over with Nagy...........Dead Man Walking. The guy just can't Play Call. Period. Doesn't adapt to what the "D's" offering......No adaption....just bad.
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    Bears cuts 8/31

    Graham Jr. needs a LOT of work. Practice Squad.
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    Brad Biggs @BradBiggs · 2m #Bears have waived OT Badara Traore. That brings them to 84. Four more moves must be made to get to roster limit of 80 by 3 pm.
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    Borom today

    Larry's got game. Should settle in at LT.......over time...
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    Bears Sign OT Jason Peters

    He still has some "tread on the tire." He can anchor the LT position until the Mash Ward of mangled O-linesman releases Larry Borom. (I think that Jenkins is "Red Shirting" this year...."Pre-injured.") Just four or five games out of Peter's should be enough of a bridge....?! (Wilkinson is...
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    Anthony Miller is toast

    Snake Bit.
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    Rick Wagner

    The Jenkins situation is so very...."Jerry Angelo." Drafting the "Pre-Injured." I had almost forgot about Chris Williams......
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    Christian Jones brings underrated value to Chicago Bears defense

    Cheese is a quality depth signing and should fit nicely into the ILB rotation and especially Special Teams. He can tackle.