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    Keeping Hinrich/Gordon the correct decision.

    After tonight, it looks like keeping Hinrich/Gordon would have gave us the best possible team coming out of this free agency. Kirk Hinrich and Ben Gordon make a combined $19.8 million next year. We have approximately $19.7 million in capspace right now, which is a wash with their salaries...
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    Rumor: Deng to Portland

    Per ESPN 1000. Would be Jerryd Bayless and Joel Pryzbilla coming back. Would give the Bulls enough room to sign two max free agents I believe, while giving us depth. Could give credibility to the idea of Wade + Lebron coming here, and then Gibson/Noah would be the front court, but we'd have...
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    First chip falls: Bosh to Miami Oh well on this one. I think Amare is better. This is good for the Bulls in pursuit of Lebron. I just dont' see anyway that Lebron goes to play with Dwyane Wade...but now that a piece is in place for a Miami super team, there is more pressure on Lebron to...
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    Free Agency Predictions

    I thought we should all post our free agency predictions. Lets get them in now a little before free agency starts...and then laugh at how wrong we are when the actuality of free agency happens. I did a longer post on my blog explaining the reasoning behind the picks...
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    Looks like Del Negro will be back in the NBA.

    Del Negro is a much better coach than Casey, so I really can't see the Clippers not hiring Del Negro at this point, especially with the way he developed Derrick Rose and Taj Gibson and how the Clippers will want to develop Brook Lopez.
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    Some cool work I'm doing right now.

    Right now I'm doing some work for a website called, which is a multi-source video news service. It's kind of like a professional video blog type of thing. It basically puts together news stories, using multiple sources. One of the things that the company is exceeding at, is that...
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    What games is everyone looking forward to. I think Nintendo won this one. I'm going to stay away from Kinect and Move. I'm sure they'll be better than the Wii, but I'd rather just play games normal. 3DS looks basically like the DS + 3D. I guess that's obvious from the name. Not really...
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    iPhone 4

    Anyone else getting one? As a journalist, having a good phone is pretty big. I think I'm finally going to make the plunge for the upgrade to a smart phone with this.
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    ESPN: Bulls Reach out to Phil Jackson

    Just heard this on ESPN during the Celtics vs. Magic game. The sports center host said that the Bulls have reached out to Phil Jackson. They'll be covering it on sports center after the game.
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    Delonte West Possibly Sleeping With Lebron's Mom
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    If Celtics can Finish, I Think Lebron is a Bull

    I the Celtics can finish this current series out, I think Lebron James will be a Bull. I think that if they lose now, he definitely leaves Cleveland. They traded for Shaq, traded for Jamison, and they're still not even good enough to beat an aging Celtics team. They've done everything they...
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    Rose, Noah Show Support For Del Negro;_ylt=ApcW7xYEgfVluvDtJhJtRFa8vLYF?gid=2010042705
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    It's Ben Gordon night.

    Tonight is the night, for everyone to cheer for Ben Gordon tonight, as he takes on the Toronto Raptors. Gordon has been tearing it up recently, with 22 points 7 assists, 39 points, and 21 points 7 assists in his last three games. Lets hope he keeps it up and knocks our magic number down to 1...
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    Can Griner beat UConn?

    The University of Connecticut is on something like a 75 game winning streak, and has been beating teams by an average of 47 points a game in the NCAA tournament so far. Baylor is led by the man child Britney Griner. Griner has set the NCAA tournament record for blocks and dunks already...
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    Xavier Henry

    I'm not the biggest fan of Kansas players (although I must say I like Paul Pierce), but this current Kansas team has two players (well three players) that I really like. Sherron Collins, Xavier Henry, and Cole Aldrich. We would probably be able to get Sherron Collins late first round, early...