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  • Hey, I recognize your name from the old CBMB. You helped me get my first bears jersey on the cheap, a Mike Brown that I never got rid of despite a thousand stains

    Just wanted to say hi, thanks, and that I still wear that jersey for games where we need a big defensive effort.
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    Sorry. I just saw this. Yup yup, I'm from CBMB. Glad to help man!
    Dude, Sincerely, Thank you. Will be sure to let everyone know where I got it from.

    BTW, did you see how many more views your Suh Sack vid got than all your others in week 7? I think we're doing something right, here. :D :hi5:
    Ok dude...got a big favor to ask...and if you don't have time for it, no worries.

    A lot of people are wanting the redzone trip broken down at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. There were 4 plays from 12:15 to 11:20, all passes. The 3rd play of that 4-play series (2nd and Goal) featured a Cutler audible out of a supposed run. If you could make one video with all 4 plays (and enough of the 2nd and Goal to show the audible), then I'll name my next seven martian babies after you. <3

    If it's too much to ask, no worries man. I have no idea how much time it takes to make these :/
    Saw it, Thx bro. Gonna add it to the write-up. Next one I do will probably be Marshall's TD or Forte's big run - and I think I saw where you have both of them up already.
    Hey dude. Can you upload a vid of Suh's sack on Cutler? Gonna do a write-up of it now. Not sure how difficult/time-consuming it is for you to get 'em up.
    When you get a chance, check out my latest Film Room Breakdown: http://www.chicitysports.com/2012/10/14/ccs-film-room-armando-allens-td-vs-jaguars/

    At the bottom of it, I posted your vid, and this just above it: "The following video of the play was created by CCS’ Own 94SupraTT! Check out his Youtube Channel!"

    your name is linked to this page, your CCS profile, and "youtube channel" is linked to, well, your youtube channel. haha

    That work ok for you? Any changes you'd like me to make?
    Anything I post you are free to use and embed in your breakdowns. I'll probably be up for a couple of specific ones that you would like as well.
    Nice vids posted today, dude.

    For a lot of my articles, I could probably just link your vids to them, as long as you didn't mind. (Could throw a hat-tip to "Forum Member 94SupraTT" w/ it hyperlinked to either your CCS Profile or your Youtube Channel, whatever you preferred.)

    More than anything, I want A) Your blessing to embed your videos. and B) both of us to get more views.

    All that sound OK?
    (Just a heads up, if you click on my name next to this msg it will take you to my profile. If you leave a msg on my profile, I get a notification. As it is, you left a msg on your profile. No worries, it's confusing and happens to EVERYBODY.)

    Meh, it would just be sporadically. For example, In the article I made discussing the Stutter-Step ( http://www.chicitysports.com/2012/10/10/ccs-film-room-bears-wrs-utilizing-the-stutter-step/ ) several members claimed that it would've been significantly more beneficial to have a video of the two plays, instead of just still images.

    I can see us combining our talents and boosting views for both of us.
    I did, I might be open to the idea. How many videos in addition to the ones I do are we talking?
    Hey dude. Did you get my msg on youtube? Would LOVE to work w/ you on some articles if you had the time.
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