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    Mitch can use his legs.

    The worst was Trubisky scrambling out of the pocket and casually stepping out of bounds for a 3 yard loss when he could have easily just tossed the ball out of bounds.
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    There is no way Pace and Nagy should survive this embarrassment on a national stage....

    Be careful what you wish for. That’s the only reason the Bears offense doesn’t get shut out every single week.
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    There is no way Pace and Nagy should survive this embarrassment on a national stage....

    This fire Nagy, but keep Pace sentiment is very bizarre to me. If anybody’s getting fired, Ryan Pace should be the absolute first to go without question.
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    Greatest Manning story, dude was ruthless...
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    Derrick Henry

    In fairness, Deforest Buckner is out for Indy.
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    Shaheen and Burton ballin

    Burton played fine for the Bears until his groin injury, which he later said was misdiagnosed by team doctors. 2018 with Nagy will likely end up being Burton’s career year.
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    What to hope for from 3M to close out the season?

    Good point on the clean pockets, and that is why the offensive line will look much improved Sunday night. Opposing defenses would rather Trubisky throw from a clean pocket than scramble out of the pocket. The primary goal of most defenses is to keep Trubisky in the pocket. So the edge rushers...
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    Its official, Mitch is back baby!

    Mako Mitch!!!
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    Michael Lombardi: Belief around the NFL is that Pace's job is safe.

    Let’s take a look at his track record just prior to the Nagy hire and a couple of seasons after the first few rebuilding years. So 2017. Ryan Pace knowingly went into the 2017 season with Mike Glennon as his starting QB and Cam Meredith + Kevin White as his #1 and #2 wide receivers. He also...
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    Akiem Hicks Value Captured on Monday Night Football

    By Cian Fahey @Cianaf What is the difference between 1.95 and 5.08? If you said 3.13 you're right but it's not the answer we're looking for. The answer we're looking for is Akiem Hicks. Hicks was injured during Monday Night Football between the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings. He left the...
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    Week 10 Game Review - who's to blame? (hint: Nagy's offense)

    Miller and Kmet are running mesh crossing routes. Patterson came out of the backfield. Bars blocked the wrong man, as he literally stepped right in front of Whitehair to block his man. This left Leno to block two defenders, the blitzing linebacker and the edge rusher. He chooses the inside...
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    Who had under 166 total yards for offense?

    Worst offensive performance I can remember ever watching as a Bears fan.
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    The Problem With Firing Pace

    I actually think that Pace/Nagy will regain just enough footing with the team down the stretch to save their jobs for another season.
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    The Problem With Firing Pace

    You simply cannot allow a GM, on the final year of his contract, to allocate massive draft capital on the next QB of the future and hire the next head coach. What HC candidate would even accept a job from a GM on the final year of his contract? The only way to keep Pace while getting rid...
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    How many QBs will fake injury so they dont have to play for Nagy?

    Behind the scenes look at Matt Nagy giving Bray the playbook to study ahead of the Packers game...