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    Possible Illini draft targets

    1 . KerbyJoseph PFF No. 94 prospect. 1st All Big 10. Leads in INT. Physical and good tackler. Late 3rd round. Might go up with good combine. If he is there at 3rd round. Grab him 2 Blake Hayes 3third team ALL BIG 10. Consistent. Why pay O’Donnell $1 million a year? Grab Hayes with...
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    Ryan Day

    Why would Day come to Chicago if he has job security in Columbus? Jim Harbaugh is more likely when he most likely loses to OSU again.
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    16 points

    The Bears should’ve scored more TDs and put the Lions away. 16 points is still 16 points no matter how many times the Bears were in RZ.
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    16 points

    It’s a pathetic win from the Lions. If the Bears dominated, then it would’ve been a different story than barely getting by. Nagy still calling shitty plays and only scoring 16 points. There is no excitement in Chicago for Christmas other than fucking the Giants on the Bears first round draft...
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    If you had the option

    It depends what’s he eating.
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    Just Fields would have lost this game

    16 points with a vet QB who threw for over 300 yard. The only reason the Bears won is because the Lions were more pathetic. Yeah Fields might’ve lost this game. But against better competition, the Bears will lose 95% of the time with this performance.
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    16 points

    This maybe gets Dan Campbell fired. The City of Detroit trying to figure out how they can lose to the Bears.
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    Nagy finally did something right.

    He didn’t allow his defense to go back on the field after game winning FG. His play calling is putrid. He has got to go.
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    Courtland Sutton and Allen Robinson

    The lack of separation and dropping catchable passes has bitten Robinson the last 2 seasons. Also I believe he is not going hard due to 1 year deal. Now either we will see improvement due to losing a bigger contract or he truly has lost a step.
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    Kellen Moore Cowboys Offensive Coordinator

    No thank you.
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    Third week in row the Bears D blew the game.

    Forgot missed FG by Santos and bad 3rd and 5 call by Nagy on that drive.
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    Third week in row the Bears D blew the game.

    Why is Vildor still out there? Opposing teams will not show their hand until they have last possession. Pick on Vildor all day long. Fuck you Pace for putting Vildor as no. 2 CB.
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    Justin Fields is guaranteed to be a bust.

    You meant a bust in Canton, OH.
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    Should the Bears target CB Damon Arnette

    No. Arnette sucks. Just be happy Raiders didn’t draft Johnson and the Bears did.
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    Jordan Love first start vs Justin Fields first start

    You mean Nagy as HC is the reason why the Bears are 32nd in O. The last 3 years, the O has been garbage. Who is the common denominator? It isn't Fields.