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  • Oh yeah I definitely want to get in the sport industry, I will look into it more for sure next time I get a chance to talk to a rep or someone like that :D
    Oh yeah I forgot about that, how did you like it? What is it like? When I go to college I think I want to try to hook on with the basketball team as a manager...but I want t know what it would be like
    :lol: that's exactly like me :highfive: how much do transfers cost? And haha I wouldn't mind going somewhere wins few people I'm friends with just so at the beginning we could go to the freshman kickoff together and it would be a little less awkward meeting new people. What is freshman week like?
    Lol well I need to get scholarships of course but I've always been told not to let money get in the way of a good education so hopefully I can afford to go to the schools I want :pray:

    :lol: I consider KY south , oh my thats quite a bit haha. I'm obsessed with looking into college and learning about them but I know that there are only a select few I'm serious about, I just look into the others for fun (like if a friend is going there/planning to go there)
    :depaul: :D lol I am 99% sure I won't go the CC route. On my list I have DePaul, Bradley, Indiana (the IU in Bloomington) as my top 3. I also have 2 that I have interest in but not sure if ill apply there. Those 2 would be Ball State and U of I. You were all over the place huh? :lol:
    Oh yeah it's definitely the most challenging, of course it did :D it's not the best option education wise though :( if I don't go there for undergrad school, I will be there for grad school for sure though
    Sounds like fun :) school is tough this year, pretty stressful. I haven't applied, I'm only a junior ;) but I know where I plan to apply
    Alright dude how come you and Stacey King seem to know each other on twitter? :thinking: it's so awesome :lol:
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