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  • You don't have to be friends, or agree. But both of you have to co-exist. Time is precious, and wasting it on this, is wasting your life. And you're wasting other people's time with it too. Just give it up.

    Or take it to PM's and word-punch the hell out of each other for all I care. :shrug:
    I told him I know where he lives and will be coming over to raid his fridge, eat all his chille and then afterwards slit his throat........the "firsttimer" thread is still on the forum.......I was just kidding and I think even FirstTimer knew that........
    It is what it is.
    My hearts at CCS, why would I not come back..
    It wasn't even Rush and Umans idea to ban me.
    It was a mod named Rice Cube....funny thing is, I don't even ever see RiceCube on the forum.
    The only contact I ever received from RiceCube was when he tried to bash a few of my posts a while back.

    Either way, I do understand that making threats to other members is a bit out of line, even though I was joking, it was bad timing.....I do however feel a bit singled out by the mods decision. I've seen others say a lot worse things than I ever have.......but oh well, its in the past and I'm cool with it...ill be wiser in the future......
    Thank you.
    I appreciate the support you have shown me clicking the tthankyou button.
    Your generosity will not go unnoticed my goodman.......your a good man charlie brown.
    Happy Easter to you and your family.
    What, you stay in Hedgwich or around Torrence 130s area? You right by CalCity & Burham.
    I used to be in CalCity quite a bit, but that's another story and ill leave it at that.
    I know the area.

    I grew up in Roseland,I stayed off 112th & Wallace..
    I moved out of Roseland about 13 years ago to Dolton.
    I got a lot of fam still in the 100s.
    I reside in Markham now.
    Come over and see me and blow some of that fire Ward 10 Kush y'all got around Lil Mexico. :troll:
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