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    OT- Hicks

    Buccaneers coach Todd Bowles said that DL Akiem Hicks (foot) won't play in Week 3. Adam Schefter reported that Hicks tore the plantar fascia in his foot and is expected to miss a month. Josh Wells (calf), who gave way to third tackle Brandon Walton in Tampa's Week 2 win over the Saints, also...
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    Dude is a bum. Love a lot of what Poles has done, but VJJ in the 3rd is looking brutal.
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    OT- Khalil Mack

    1- good for Mack. Not sure how a Bears fan couldn’t wish him well, he was/is an absolute dude! 2- Brisker (the pick we got from Mack) looks pretty special himself.
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    Anyone else worried about the offensive tackles?

    Fuck outta here. More useless cluttering of the board.
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    ***Week 1 JERSEY GIVEAWAY***

    444 yards 33 points
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    Would the Bears get at least a third round pick for Fields?

    Can you quit cluttering the board with your non-sensical bullshit? Thanks! Go troll on twitter to your 5 followers.
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    Super Bowl Predictions (Early #calledit) (Football Only)

    As we're approaching let's see Bears fans thoughts on the Super Bowl this year. AFC- I'm taking the Bills. I think this is the year they finally put it all together and have that playoff experience under their belt to help them. They win in the trenches and our extremely deep. NFC- I'm going...
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    **Official** Training Camp News & Scheisse [Football Talk Only]

    I also believe Cody Parkey has some free time as well.
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    Starters to play less snaps??

    It’s cause we will score 3 TD’s in 10 plays.
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    Monty on ST?

    The Athletic's Kevin Fishbain and Adam Jahns report that RB David Montgomery is seeing reps on special teams. To his credit, Montgomery has "embraced the potential of playing on special teams this season." He told reporters, "wherever they need me, I’m going to be ready to be there. I’ve never...
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    12 Team Dynasty (2 QB)

    Looking to see if anyone is interested. It’d be an auction draft for sure since it is a fresh start.