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    Mitch can use his legs.

    One of my few comments in the in game thread. Dude may be functional in the right O but will always lack awareness.
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    Will a loss to Detroit seal Nagy's fate?

    Patricia's gone. Detroit will now play zone against Mitch.
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    Bears make a quarterback move.

    So what's more interesting? That the Bear protected him or that they had to. Broncos?
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    Brandon Marshall on why the Bears kicked him out

    Mr. Innocent teammate bridge burner Marshall publicly called out Jay and his contract. "But I can understand that as far as as a business man, I would have buyer's remorse, too."
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    Chris Ballard/ Sweaty Teddy

    No way to know but really couldn't be a whole lot worse on O. Would we have this D?
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    Vikings fan reacts to Nagy

    Mindless ramble but it does have me want one more win this year. Nagy shouldn't excuse the D but still praise them for getting him this far. His entire lack of enough contact with that side of the ball is an issue and leads to this weak shit. He should be thanking them every day at practice for...
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    Draft a 1st Rd QB or trade for Darnold?

    If Wilson or Lance is there, I take him. If not, OT and hope Jamie Newman is still there in the middle of 2. I keep Foles around to start the year(like we have a choice anyway).
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    Why has no one been fired yet?

    If this doesn't improve, it may be another house cleaning. Who do you fire, Nagy alone right now? I could see it but it would only be a vindictive move without some sort of immediate mitigation which is near impossible. Only thing it might accomplish is more losses and a QB in the draft and I...
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    Chris Ballard/ Sweaty Teddy

    We'd be better off but here's the thing. Ballard also wanted Nagy and almost hired McDaniels. His Reich hire had a bit of desperation to it. It just happened to work out.
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    Robinson literally liking tweets about joining packers/49ers

    Great WRs make great plays and don't have them made at their expense.
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    If Zach Wilson is out of range, should the pick be OT or QB?

    I expect Pace to re-sign Mitch for 2 years with a 1 year out, claim that he's still the guy and then draft QB, fooling no one as usual.
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    Free agent options at tackle are dwindling fast.

    Don't expect any great FA Ts . They only show up when teams has an abundance and that's extremely rare. Usually guys that lost a step or meh.
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    The positives of last night

    But if they lose...