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    Hub Ark is a tool

    Hub is the best.
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    EuroCup/Copa America anyone?

    Anti-climax for Scotland again. Average team that was only there because of expanded qualification and never really belonged with the big guns. Not unlike the 2020 Bears in the playoffs.
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    WTF is going on with Goldman?

    Less gym Less protein Walk more Read more books
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    EuroCup/Copa America anyone?

    They'll be out in the round of 16.
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    EuroCup/Copa America anyone?

    England are shite. We should have beaten them today. France are still my pick.
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    EuroCup/Copa America anyone?

    Wait until they play France.
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    EuroCup/Copa America anyone?

    Typical Scotland hit the bar and let in the most absurd goal in the tournament. Classic.
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    EuroCup/Copa America anyone?

    Hard to see past France and Belgium for me.
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    Will Justin Fields be a disappointment if he doesnt at least match the Mitchell by year 2?

    Why? Trubisky's first NFL game was his 14th start since high school. Fields is more experienced than Trubisky coming in and far more talented. Trubisky didn't have the football brain to process Nagy's offense or the instincts to do anything but run when his first read wasn't there. If Fields...
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    Dieter Eiselen getting 1st team reps at C

    I wouldn't set my hopes on that.
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    Bears' Montgomery impressed with Fields: He is a 'freakish athlete'

    I don't see any reason he can't be really good. I honestly haven't watched as much college football this past couple of years as I used to so I don't know as much about him as I normally do with QB prospects, so there are a lot of better people to ask than me regarding Fields. But I'm...
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    Bears' Montgomery impressed with Fields: He is a 'freakish athlete'

    I don't think there was ever a doubt about his athleticism.
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    What is the origin of bear fans calling the bears team the "beloved" and why do people still refer to the team as such even in 2021?

    I think, and this is just a guess, but I think, just a guess mind you, but what I think/guess, is that those who call them "the beloved" are the guys in their 50s who still wear game jerseys and cuss at the TV in front of families. jmo jmo