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    DaBearsBlog credibility

    Who cares who breaks what news the quickest? Whatever there is exists for a few minutes before it's picked up by someone else. If I have knowledge on the next head coach does it really matter if everyone else has the same information an hour later?
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    Ryan Poles "For The Record" Registry

    Why do we have to expect Ryan Pace style mistakes? Maybe Pace was just incompetent?
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    Vikings fan on Ryan poles

    That's the weakest troll job in the history of the internet.
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    Young head coaches with no prior experience

    The Bears need to develop the best QB in the NFC over the next decade to be in the Super Bowl. Whomever that is needs to get Fields playing at the level of those three guys in the AFC.... Mahomes, Allen and Burrow. The NFC is wide open right now.
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    Jim Caldwell rumors as Bears HC gaining steam...

    This is a short term hire with no eye towards the future. He's not going to be around long at 67.
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    Second Chance HCs and GMs Win %

    The coach doesn't matter if you have the right QB.
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    For the Chris Ballard should've been the GM crowd

    Y'all realize that Ballard can still be an idiot? Just because Pace was a numbnut doesn't mean that Ballard is good. They can both be shitty GMs.
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    For the Chris Ballard should've been the GM crowd

    The Eagles got a first round pick from the Colts for Carson Wentz and watched him blow the Colts’ season while they head to the playoffs
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    Uh-oh: Mitch vs Fields rookie year.

    What was the Bears' offensive identity under Nagy?
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    All-22 Teven Breakdown

    Borom was on the COVID list numb nuts.
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    Gabriel: Ryan Pace is proving to be a worthy General Manager

    So in the last couple of years this board has become a conduit to rehash old shit from almost seven years ago...
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    Tevin Jenkins

    That was his first real football in like 16 months.
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    Bears may be connected to Josh McDaniels

    Scooped me? I never tried to develop sources to get scoops. Good for him he's a Bears fan that had a family friend or relative what had inside information. He doesn't have any inside information any more.
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    Some Wonky Stats

    Uh you do realize that those people that are saying the offensive line isn't an issue are factoring in the fact that the Bears were playing two rookie offensive tackles last night and before that they were playing a guy what wasn't in a gym working out trying to stay in shape but was on a...
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    Bears may be connected to Josh McDaniels

    What sports journalism career? He does freelance articles for Bear Report just like I did. He does a podcast with the new publisher for that site just like I did. Yeah he had a source for the Brandon Marshall trade and a couple other things but things dried up for him long time ago...