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  • Hey friend, let's calm the fuck down, ok?

    I played NHL17 last night.... is there a setting to make the AI teammates GO GET THE FUCKING PUCK?
    I don't have your new e-mail, and I didn't send you a new invite, your account is still there, it was just deactivated so I went and activated it again... you should be able to login just like before.
    No, your account was deactivated.... I just activated it.... no one could vote you out of slack breh.
    I already invited her once.... she joined and then she raged and then she ragequit.

    She should be able to get back in under the same account she did before.... I never banned her.
    lololololol dat Giant so mud.... John Snow taking out dat icebro doe.... dude is a bawssss
    Aight bruh, good luck with the move.

    Dont go full Bigfoot and melt into da woods
    Yeah I looked for that a few times as well.... I actually thought about finding video of it in game and making a gif of a good one but never followed thru
    Oh sorry I see your pic.... I need the original and it will take 2 seconds
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