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  • I have to work all week..... da fuq she doing on Kap and Haugh all week? She generally only knows shit she heard from drunk Moon Mullin.
    Was dis you? Cmon.... it was wasn't it?

    Back at ya Gibbsy.... its Rum and Eggnog time at da Ares house.... oh and in true Christmas Eve spirit I am watching Black Hawk Down :-v
    I feel cold Gibbs, cold ..

    Oh god, he has made it to the UK, London of England, I may not make it into Chatzy tonight. I may be a gonna, I wish Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer was here he'd save me! ...

    Ok mate in a bit!
    I'll have to powerthankbagstarhit you later, I've spunked my load since I got back this week, give it a day, I'll do a Gibbs archive and smash one in the back of the shed when I can. See you in the chatzy broski.
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