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    What if Robinson and/or Mooney had held onto the ball?

    Objective Chiefs fan opinion here. Best thing the Bears could do for Fields's development? Get rid of Matt Nagy. Dude sucks, and it's time for the Bears to move on. They finally have a superbly talented young QB with some "it" factor, and every second he's coaching him is slowing his development.
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    Rams 34 Bears 14 2021 Week 1 Recap: FIRE MATT NAGY NOW!

    Who becomes interim coach if he's let go in the middle of the season?
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    What happens when they lose to the Bengals?

    I watched most of the Bengals game yesterday, and all of the Browns game against my Chiefs. I think 0-3 before finally getting a break with the Lions is almost a certainty at this point.
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    Let's get something straight about Mitch

    I think Bears' fans reactions to Trubisky's performance against the Bears has less to do with thinking the Bears missed out or shouldn't have moved on and way more to do with understanding just how inadequate the Bears' coaching staff is at getting the most out of players.
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    Athletic Agent Survey (Some Bears and Pace Info)

    It's a bunch of agents, so I don't really care what they think. For example, I would take my GM (Veach) over Ballard every day of the week and twice on Sundays, but he's far behind him here. Maybe they like the GMs they can work over the most on contracts? I don't know what their criteria is, so...
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    The Ugly Truth as Told by a Bills Fan.

    No lies were told...
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    Packers new throwback uniform

    There's no way to make those shitty colors look good, so...
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    Literal Shocking News on Robert Quinn

    When I see a thread titled "Literal Shocking News About Quinn", I expect to see a story about electrocution or being attacked by an eel while swimming in the gulf or something.
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    Cubs at Pirates

    I don't understand how everyone in the Pirates' dugout (and a good share of his teammates on the field) aren't SCREAMING at the 1st baseman to simply turn around, go to first and end the inning. Monumental bonehead play, and something we might not ever see again.
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    Bears meet with CB Bashaud Breeland

    Chiefs fan here - we would take him back if you guys don't want him. Very solid corner, and plays with a chip on his shoulder. If you can get him on a short prove-it deal, I'd jump on that.
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    Trash talk rams

    Yawn. Sounds to me like someone's worried about their week one matchup. Why else would you post something like that in May?
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    Tevin Jenkins, Pancake Clips

    That one where he finishes the guy out of bounds...about made me get up out of my chair...LOL
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    OT: Fisher to the Colts

    As a KC fan, that deal is mindboggling. How you can pay a guy $9.4 million when he likely won't be ready to go at all next year, at least not until very late in the year. I read a study where the type of surgery he had would typically take nearly a year to recover from. That would keep him from...
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    OT - FCS semifinals today

    Lance played for North Dakota State.